Game of Thrones / ASoIaF Tumblr Links Update - The Last of 2011

The Tumblr Links Page has been updated! All tumblrs dedicated to Game of Thrones and ASoIaF are now categorized* and listed by url. 

The following tumblrs are recent additions:

Game of Thrones / ASoIaF

agameofthrones-caps x asoiafan x asoiaframblings x gameofthronesmoments x icexfire x ice-at-fire x throneygames x wintercomesforusall x youreasoiaffanwhen

House Lannister

fyjaimelannister x lions-of-the-rock x lordofcasterlyrock

House Greyjoy


The Night’s Watch and Other Sworn Brothers


Other Houses


Canon/Non-Canon/Why Not-Canon/Family Pairings


A Clash of Mash-Ups and MACROS

gameofabbey x spiceiscoming

A Storm of LULZ

asongoficeandmustaches x gottrollsecrets

A Feast of Confessions


A Song of Stanning and Other Tumblr Stuff

richardmaddenhandsomelylooking x dietofthrones x thewhitewalkers

Off Tumblr

Kissed By Fire

*While some tumblrs previously listed do not appear, please note that the space beneath A Dance With Multi-Fandom-Centric Tumblrs is awaiting update.  (So sorry! This has been a lengthier process than anticipated and The Holidays were more hectic than anticipated.)  In this section you’ll be able to find those previously listed, fantastic multi-fandom-centric and -some of fuckyeahwinterfell’s own favorite- personal tumblrs like thestarkinwinterfell, fearisforthewinter, sansastark, swordofice, onionjulius, itsinthetrees, etc.