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Summary: An old friend of Katniss’s father sends his son, Peeta, to stay with the Everdeens on their corn farm in rural Illinois. Mr. Everdeen tells his daughters that he’s only coming to help with harvest season, but Katniss will soon learn that Peeta has a much more pressing reason for coming to stay with them.

This is my first multi-chapter fanfic of any kind. Unbetaed. I hope some find enjoyment in it anyway. 

In Your Favour (4/?)

jon x sansa | hunger games au

It was a short ride in a car from the Justice Building to the train station. Sansa had never ridden in a car before. There aren’t that many cars in the entirety of District 12. She and Jon stepped out into a crowd of cameras and reporters, who thankfully were kept back by two lines of Peacekeepers. Sansa caught a glimpse of her own face on the huge television screen on the wall and tried not to think about how frail she looked, with her eyes still a little puffy from crying. 


kissing-cacti  asked:

I know you hate ian but: hunger games au levian with 4

( angsty drabble meme )

4. “Get out and don’t come back.”

The arena is a desert. A controlled one, of course – sand and heat, but there are fresh water rivers running throughout periodically to keep things from getting too dull, and the air is too stiff to be natural. Lev had greeted this lack of foliage with a nearly grateful laugh – his long list of allergies had been a common source of humor for the viewers. After all, he’d been prompted to play the strange but intelligent boy from District 5.

It’s cause of an interesting contrast between himself and the one boy he’d arranged an alliance with, the boy who rolled his eyes at the camera and never missed the opportunity to make a snarky comment.

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“ i don’t think i can keep this up much longer. ” ALSO HUNGER GAMES AU LEVIAN

They’re famous in their own right. Ian had – quite unintentionally – made the capitol love him when he’d responded to classic “Are there any girls you’re leaving behind?” question with an eye roll and a “Guys, thank you.” Lev, meanwhile, had mentioned his ex-boyfriend in passing, none too cheerfully.

And then the audience had decided to associate them with each other, because that’s what audiences do.

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Joniss/Odesta Artist AU-

Hot water got turned off,

can’t pay it ‘till the car gets fixed.

Got some money that I’ll probably spend at the bar this weekend,

In my stupid land of all my dreams

I’ve gone crazy 'cause I love what you’ve got

You could come over but the pile of dirty socks,

outside my door might turn you off a little.

It might turn you off a lot.

-Family of the Year “Stupidland”


Every year brings around the annual Thawfest Games. Six teenagers would be thrown into the Berkian wilderness with only a few weapons and their wit, against the deadly dragons that roamed the land. The rules are simple: the first to kill a dragon is declared the victor. 

But things take a turn during the 22nd Annual Thawfest Games. The contestants are an odd bunch: the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston, dragon encyclopedia Fishlegs Ingerman, macho Snotlout Jorgenson, the deadly Astrid Hofferson, and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III…the chief’s son. Unlikely alliances will be formed…

…especially one between man and the very beast he is supposed to kill. 


AU Madge volunteers to take Prim’s place in the Hunger Games. requested by anythingelseisunthinkable

It’s the sacrifices we make to change the world that make the difference. My name is Madge Undersee, daughter of Mayor of District 12. I’ve volunteered for Primrose Everdeen in the Hunger Games. I will become the Mockingjay and begin the rebellion to bring down the capitol. Or I will die trying.


In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a male and a female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public "reaping”. These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the Capitol. And then transferred to a public arena, where they will fight to the death until a lone victor remains. Henceforth and forevermore this pageant shall be known as The Hunger Games.

AU: where there is no master plan to get Katniss out of the Quarter Quell and Beetee’s electrocution plan goes awry and kills everyone except Peeta and Katniss. Right when they realize what has happened, they both frantically try committing suicide as fast as possible so the other can live. 

This AU is under the cut.

I hope you enjoy it & and if you do, reblog this post. Thanks :) 

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Mericcup Hunger Games AU

“You don’t want to mess with that archer from District 11. And don’t get in my way, either. Clearly you’re not gonna take her down; I’m going to have to.”

Well, his district partner was right in the sense that he wouldn’t be taking the girl with the fiery mane down. But he can bet anything that she didn’t count on him making her his ally. Or him befriending the mutts and keeping them away from his district partner, either.

“Are you insane, Hiccup?!”

“…Are you sure you want the real answer to that?”

In which Hiccup, Astrid, and Merida are reaped into the Hunger Games, Hiccup befriends the mutts, and Hiccup makes an ally out of the most deadly player in the arena–much to Astrid’s dismay.


Ah, my beloved THG AU. Hope you lovelies enjoy this one. ;-)

The long grass that decorated the Town Square’s floors tickled Annabeth’s ankles as she stood amidst the 15 year-olds her age. As per usual, her father had requested her to be stationed at the front of the line where she could be safely patrolled by the guards. Repeatedly, she told him that this fuss was unnecessary, but he cared for her safety more than she could care to see.

When Annabeth had turned twelve, she was mingling with what meager friends she had during a reaping. By the time the tribute was called, however, the sister of the said tribute ran up to Annabeth and almost tackled her to the floor in a mix of grief and anger. Mr. Chase didn’t want a repeat of that fateful year, so his daughter only stood by the rest of the citizens at the start of the ceremony—she would be escorted up the stage beside him right before the ballots were announced.

She wrung her hands anxiously, feeling the hostile energy of the other girls weighing heavily on her back. Shaking her head, she told herself to be strong. Not all the girls there hated her. Piper, Hazel, Reyna and Thalia were there, probably breaking their necks to make sure no one badmouthed Annabeth. The thought made her smile. And if anyone were to throw shoes at her head like last time… 

Inevitably, she thought back to that moment, palms sweating against her dress as she replayed the happenings. It was a miracle no one got hurt that time—it was also pure luck that Percy had been late and was forced to pass by the girls’ area while walking to the boys’. Without him shielding Annabeth from Clarisse’s heavy hands, she probably would’ve knocked out a few teeth. Her heart quickened at the thought of his name.


The usual district movie that played was finally over, and Annabeth’s favourite guard, a middle-aged man named Chiron, held out his hand. He walked her up the platform and to the chair beside the mayor, Mr. Chase, and left with a small smile. She tried to ignore the cruel eyes and the hard mouths that were sent towards their way, looking only at her entwined fingers and busying herself with the steep stairs as she ascended.


As soon as she was seated, her eyes searched the crowd for 15 year-old handsome boys, looking, looking, looking, until finally–

Deep, sea green eyes looked back into her own, and the dimpled smile that she could make out from an ocean of hundreds of people enveloped her in a warm embrace. Immediately, Annabeth felt immune to the harshness of the crowd—as long as Percy was there, even a half a kilometre away, she knew there was nothing to worry about. 

“You okay?” he mouthed, and Annabeth’s heart settled into the familiarity of their catchphrase. She nodded, ignoring the eyes that lingered on her and thought she was absurd. 

“Are you okay?” Her lips replied soundlessly.

And when he nodded, smile unfaltering, she knew that she was nervous for nothing. It was only them in the clearing at that moment, and it was only them who mattered. Annabeth chuckled softly as he made a funny face and—

“Perseus Jackson!” 

From rising in amusement, Annabeth’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Why did they announce Percy’s name on stage? She looked to her father, to the crowd of those who silently gasped, and finally to Percy’s face that was… as… pale…

Her heart, oh her poor heart that had just been bandaged moments ago crumbled into dust that couldn’t even be put back together. The tears were automatic—they flowed and flowed down her cheeks and she felt the voice in her throat melt into a deep void. Her nails dug into her palms and she… she… she tried to stand but her father was holding her down and she was struggling, struggling–

PERCY! she tried screaming, but no sound came out of her bleeding lips. She bit them to bits as she scratched at the hole in her heart. PERCY! Why did this happen? It was as if the world was born to make her life miserable, to carve out the cruelest of instances to mince the only will and happiness she had left. PERCY! she tried again, but her father’s arms were strong and Octavian’s sneer was cold and glad. Annabeth couldn’t even—hasn’t even—

“Once again, District 4’s male tribute is Perseus Jack—"


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