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while y’all keep swooning over the idea of jon and dany having a child i’m just out here in the back thinking of my fine dude khal drogo who -according to the loophole in mirri maz duur’s little prophecy- is said to come back once daenerys bears a living child. just imagine the horror in dany’s eyes once jorah knocks on her bedroom door elusively mumbling something about how it looked as though the sun rose in the west today. 

“is something wrong,my queen?” 


I just thought about an ASOIAF/GoT scenario where Jaime and Brienne finally acknowledge their feelings for each other and get one night of lovely, perfect intimacy….

but then there’s white walkers and innocent people they need to protect, so Jaime pulls a Steve Trevor and charges in, giving the others a chance to get away, knowing that it’s so important that Brienne remains to protect them because there’s no one who can do it like she can 

and…and.. right before he goes boldly to his death all he can do is kiss her fast and say I wish we had more time 

and now it’s raining on my face. 

“And her reign shall be golden.”

Shireen Baratheon daughter of Stannis Baratheon and Selyse Florent, Princess of Dragonstone, Storm’s End, and rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms; after it was discovered that all of the royal children were bastards, Shireen’s father rose against the Lannisters and declared himself King of the Seven Kingdoms, with his daughter as his only remaining heir; when Stannis fell in battle, she took the title ‘Storm Queen’ after her ancestor, Argella Durrandon, and proclaimed her right to the Seven Kingdoms; though she was not particularly beautiful, Queen Shireen ruled the kingdoms with grace, wit, and unyielding justice.

daenerys : *bears living child* 

jon snow : *happy* 

khal drogo : *squinting his eyes at the westerosi sun,wondering how the fuck he got there after the longest sleep of his life* 

shoot-the-smiles  asked:

If Dany survives and becomes Queen, who do you think would be on her small council? What would be their positions?

I’m sorry, I think the probability of Dany surviving and becoming Queen is literally zero, so I don’t think she’s going to have a Small Council post-WFTD. 

(1) She’s a messiah figure and messiah figures have a tendency of dying (or vanishing from the limelight, but I don’t think that applies here. I don’t think Dany is returning to the house with the red door, but I’d give better odds for the Red Door than for her final post-war queenship). 

(2) Dany fits the “Living on Borrowed Time” trope. She should have died on Drogo’s funeral pyre, and she only survived because it was a miracle. There was also a high probability of her dying in childbirth, given how young she was. According to GRRM, “Very young mothers tend to have significantly higher rates of death in childbirth, which the maesters will have noted.” Both times magic allowed Dany to avoid death. Well, you know what they say, third time pays for all

(3) I think Dany’s actions in the War for the Dawn will fit the “Last Dance” trope, where characters realize “it may be time to throw out all the rules and go on that last run, complete that final mission, settle that one score. When you literally have nothing left to lose, that’s when you can truly give everything you’ve got.” Winning the War for the Dawn will surely require everything humanity’s got. This will be especially applicable after King’s Landing and the Iron Throne are destroyed in Chekhov’s wildfire

(4) This is highly, highly speculative, but I think the curtain of light is a “thin place” between the worlds, and I think The Place Beyond The Curtain of Light At The End of The World may be another dimension, a place of Lovecraftian horror, and Our Heroes may have to seal the door (which will be a callback to Hodor’s “Hold the Door” from TWOW) while they’re on the other side, to stem the tide of Others pouring through while people like Stannis, Brienne, Davos, Arya, the Vale Armies, etc are fighting to hold places like Winterfell until the gateway can be sealed. 

(5) The fact that GRRM has compared the Others to “Sidhe” / fairies further suggests to me that they’re from some Lovecraftian Realm of Fairy. Consider that the Others snatch human babies. A common saying in Westeros is “Oak and iron guard me well, or else I’m dead and doomed to hell.” Folklore says iron wards off the fairies. Consider “The Others take me / you / him / her / [name of enemy]” vs “Taken by the fairies”. (I still think Benjen was taken by the Others and is being held hostage.) Further consider how amused the Others are by humanity when they ~play~ with Waymar Royce in the AGOT prologue. Fairy realms have strong associations with death. I think the odds of Our Heroes being able to return to the Westerosi dimension are very small. (Think of Bruce Willis in Armageddon or the astronauts in Deep Impact.)

So I really, really don’t think that Dany is surviving, I’m sorry. I’m sure there’s lots of fanfiction on AO3 that explores Dany’s rule post-War but I’ve never read any. It’s not a scenario that I’m interested in exploring, either in fic or meta. There’s also way too many variables to consider here, because we don’t know for certainty which characters are doomed and which aren’t. So I’m sorry!

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