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House Stark Fancast
     Ned Stark - Rick Mora
     Catelyn Tully - Michelle Fairley
     Robb Stark - Richard Madden
     Jon Snow - Michael Greyeyes
     Sansa Stark - Sophie Turner
     Arya Stark Q’orianka Kilcher
     Bran Stark - Isaac Hempstead Wright
     Rickon Stark - Art Parkinson

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When a series of missing cases start happening all throughout New York, ex-detective, Jon Snow is forced to team up with the infamous vigilante hackerist, Sansa Stark. Both are unwilling to work together. However, when they begin to link the missing cases to a series of unsolved and gruesome murders, thry soon ealise that this case is far bigger than anything they have ever faced before. 

The closer they get to solving the case, the closer they get to discovering a dark and powerful underground society, one that is more than willing to use any means to stay hidden. 

Desi Fancasr: Nitin Chauhan as Jon Snow and Priyanka Chopra as Sansa Stark