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On Sansan and Norse Mythology and Possible Origin of Names

This is just one little snippet from a gigantic meta essay I’m working on.  By no means is it the only bit of Norse mythology influence surrounding Sansan or the story as a whole for that matter.  There’s definitely more than one asoiaf character to have parallels with a particular deity or myth and we shouldn’t necessarily draw endgame conclusions based on the myth alone.  The eventual essay will ultimately encompass way more than just Norse myth and will be ultimately focused on TWOW predictions.  

Let me start by drawing some similarities between Sansa and the goddess, Freya.  Freya actually means “Lady” in old Norse and she is a goddess of love, beauty and fertility.  One aspect of Freya that is often noted is her sexuality, which is one theme in Sansa’s arc.  Freya is accused of being a bit of a “party girl” by Loki, who has obvious Littlefinger parallels as a trickster figure.  Think of Sansa’s identity of Alayne Stone and the supposed lustful nature bastards are assumed to have by Westerosi prejudice.  Remember Littlefinger told everyone at court he had her mother’s maidenhead and made Catelyn meet him in a brothel.  Freya has also been saught after as a wife by powerful jötnar, a type of giant (also a Littlefinger as his original titan sigil parallel).  She is also in possession of a falcon feather cloak that turns the wearer into a falcon, which has obvious Arryn sigil parallels as well as Sansa’s many bird associations. 

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Meandering thoughts on Iðunn, Sansa, apples, fertility, regeneration, and Sansa, like her Norse Mythology counterpart, being harbinger of Spring

ThFirstly let me clarify that this post is not in any way or form articulate or fluid. I’m gonna ramble some shit that I’ve been thinking on. Secondly all of this is coming from my memory which is tenuous at best. Thirdly I’m sleepy and hungry. Fourthly I love Sansa so much sometimes I feel like I could cry. Let’s proceed.

So Iðunn was this famed goddess of fertility and ever lasting youth and spring/summer like qualities stuff. She was very valuable to the Gods. Also she had these magic apples which gave the Gods ever lasting youth.

Anyway one day Loki, Hœner, and Odin are traveling to “Eyrie” (Quote: There were no roads through the country over which they made their way, only high mountains to be climbed by rocky paths, deep valleys into which the sun hardly looked during half the year, and swift-rushing streams, cold as ice, and treacherous to the surest foot and the strongest arm) looking for something to eat bc they’re peckish. Stuff happens, food doesn’t get consumed. Because of this eagle dude who’s hoarding all this food (Like LF in the Vale) 

Anyway shit goes down. Loki gets attacked by this eagle dude who’s actually lo behold, a giant (again LF) aka Thjazi. An eagle also attacked Jon Snow in asoiaf. A giant attacks Sansa. Anyway the eagle/giant dude kidnaps  Iðunn (thanks to Loki) taking her apples. He takes her to Thrymheim  “situated in the highest mountain peaks, whose icy towers growled down at the fertile fields below.” (basically the Eyrie, Giant Lance, Vale references)

Anyway the Gods start withering and growing old without Idun’s apples to nourish them. Also Idun was basically like this Goddess of Hope, Spring, renewal, pregnancy etc. Hence, a winter comes over the Gods with vengeance and the crisis can also be averted by beloved Idun and her apples. So Loki turns to a Falcon (hello Vale army pledging their swords to Sansa. Also hello Winged knights in WoW who’ll probs in an indirect way pledge to Sansa’s cause) and rescue her by turning her into a nut. ( Does the snake think I have Sansa squirreled away somewhere, like a nut I’m hoarding for winter? If so, Tyrion was not about to disabuse him) The Giant (LF) gives chase by turning into an eagle but he dies by fire (though according to the snow castle scene he’ll be beheaded and his head will be put on a pike by the gates old WF style by Sansa)

Anyhoo Idun returns with her apples and the gods gain back their strength and the long winter is averted and Spring is ushered in. After Ragnorak, Idun shares her apples with the world weary, tired, broken soldiers to help them regain and rebuild. Through her apples she returns fertility and continuation of life in Asgard and Eath. 

My point (if there is any is) Sansa (whose name means apple) will be a major architect after the Long battle. She will be one of those who’ll herald Spring. Soldiers and displaced people, nobles will look upto her for meaning of life. It’s because of her tireless work and her strategic placement and her strengths that she’ll guarantee a long Spring for the survivors. Idun also gave her apples to women for pregnancy. I can see Sansa arranging marriages too joing Northern and Sourthern houses through diplomacy, pen and parchment, talks and negotiation.

Both Jon and Sansa has pomegranate in their stories. The etymology of Pomegranate is apple. But while the former is associated with Winter the latter is associated with Spring. I can also see Sansa’s own marriage (to Jon) and her pregnancy continuing or adding to the Stark lines. What I’m trying to say (before any one takes it the wrong way and throttles me) is that Sansa is one of the KEY FIGURES for the prosperity and continuity after war. What do we do now? Where do we go from here- this desolation after Battle for Dawn: Sansa like Idun will be the leader to a brighter day.

Also Idun like Sansa is associated with poetry and music too. Loki (prose edda) once baselessly attacks Idun for sleeping with her brother’s murderer and called her for committing treason, even though she was being very sensible about him atm. (I suppose you can draw a similarity b/w Lyanna Mormont’s hurtful are you a Lannister or a Bolton) The other Gods were like What tosh! Shut up Loki. So hopefully other Northerners and Vale people will not victim shame her, and Sansa’s own siblings will be supportive.

I have many other thoughts but I’m seriously peckish. I am gonna go eat an apple!

(If any one want to write a better post on Sansa and Idun and Sansa’s role in Spring time rejuvenation and rebuilding, and apples, and Jonsa babies, and lil puppy direwolves and eagles and Chris H’s biceps be my guest. Kindly tag me too. Would love to read it)

restlessplatypus  asked:

Hey my friend and I both love your blog and theories, since my friend doesn't have a blog she wanted me to ask what the possibilities that Jaime is azor Ahai is? We disagree on this a lot (I'm one k

Ah sorry that message sent before I finished it! We disagree on this a lot (I’m one of those Jon and Dany are Azor Ahai people)

I’m one of those people too, so I’m really not the best to ask about theories I strongly disagree with. (And that IMO anyone with any sense would disagree with, lol.)

But I’ve gotten questions about this before, so I think I know the context for these arguments. Most are based on the entirely crack Norse mythology theories, that say that since Tyr One-Handed is the savior of mankind in Ragnarok, and Jaime has one hand, that means Jaime is a Tyr-equivalent and thus Azor Ahai. This of course is entirely baseless because it makes the giant leap that ASOIAF is based on Norse mythology (not true) and the War for the Dawn is Ragnarok (also not true). The theorist follows it up with more circular logic, that because Azor Ahai killed his wife Nissa Nissa, and Jaime will kill Cersei, that means Jaime is Azor Ahai. Never mind the fact that many people in ASOIAF have killed or will kill their lovers, never mind that Jaime’s certainly not the only one-handed man in ASOIAF, never mind that Azor Ahai has nothing to do with having one hand. It’s just bullshit, piled higher and deeper.

These are the actual qualifications of Azor Ahai Reborn and/or the Prince that Was Promised, according to the books, which are the only things that count:

  • being of Targaryen descent (per Maester Aemon explaining why Melisandre thinks it’s Stannis), or more specifically from the line of Aerys and Rhaella (per the Ghost of High Heart)
  • “born amidst salt and smoke”
  • heralded by a “bleeding star” or appearing “after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world”
  • will “wake dragons out of stone”
  • forges Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes
  • possibly through the sacrifice of their lover, or through drawing it from the fire
  • “his is the song of ice and fire” (PTWP only)
  • “the dragon has three heads” (PTWP only)

Who does that fit? Why, Daenerys Targaryen, daughter of Aerys and Rhaella, born on the volcanic island of Dragonstone, who killed her husband Drogo, and at his funeral pyre woke dragons from fossilized eggs on the night the red comet appeared for the first time. Jon might fit re salt and smoke and maybe a bleeding star (and of course being of the line of Aerys and Rhaella, through his father Rhaegar), but so far he’s got nothing to do with dragons, certainly not waking any from stone. Though there may be further qualifications, especially for the Prince, that Jon does fit (and Melisandre’s R’hllor-visions keep pointing at him when she asks to see Azor Ahai), so that’s why I include him along with Dany, why I say they’re both Azor Ahai and the Prince that was Promised, because the dragon must have three heads.

But there’s nothing in Jaime’s life whatsoever that matches any of the above. Hope that helps!