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A Song of Ice and Fire + The War of the Roses


Asoiaf meme (minor characters): (5/9) scenes ⟶ Catelyn, Maege and Dacey talking about the women of Bear Island

Dacey Mormont looked up at the sky. “I would sooner have water raining down on me than arrows.”

Catelyn smiled despite herself. “You are braver than I am, I fear. Are all your Bear Island women such warriors?”

“She-bears, aye,” said Lady Maege. “We have needed to be. In olden days the ironmen would come raiding in their longboats, or wildlings from the Frozen Shore. The men would be off fishing, like as not. The wives they left behind had to defend themselves and their children, or else be carried off.”

“There’s a carving on our gate,” said Dacey. “A woman in a bearskin, with a child in one arm suckling at her breast. In the other hand she holds a battleaxe. She’s no proper lady, that one, but I always loved her.” ― Catelyn V, A Storm of Swords.


Brandon was never shy about taking what he wanted. I am old now, a dried-up thing, too long a widow, but I still remember the look of my maiden’s blood on his cock the night he claimed me. I think Brandon liked the sight as well. A bloody sword is a beautiful thing, yes. It hurt, but it was a sweet pain. ― The Turncloak, A Dance with Dragons.

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Rohanne Webber was married at ten years old to her father’s squire. He was slain during the Battle of the Redgrass Field in 196 AC, fighting for House Targaryen. Addam also died during the battle, fighting for House Blackfyre, causing Rohanne to develop a grudge against his father. Rohanne’s second husband was old, and died of a chill. Her third husband, Ser Simon Staunton, choked to death on a chicken bone. Her last husband, Ser Rolland Uffering died of the Great Spring Sickness. Before his death, Lord Wyman Webber attempted to marry her to Ser Lucas Longinch, but she refused him. Rohanne later married Lord Gerold Lannister and had four sons with him, twins Tywald and Tion, Tytos, and Jason Lannister. She was the grandmother of Tywin, Kevan, Gerion, Tygett and Genna Lannister. Lady Rohanne disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 230 AC.

Fancasting Meme | 6 Historical Figures (5/6)
Amy Manson as Rohanne Webber


All of Prince Oberyn’s daughters have his viper eyes. The color does not matter.

the older sand snakes + taking after their father


Betha Blackwood was a member of House Blackwood who became queen consort to King Aegon V Targaryen. Betha was known as Black Betha because of her dark eyes and hair. She was a spirited woman also considered stubborn or willful. While Betha and Aegon had married for love, Betha assisted in arranging politically advantageous betrothals for their children. The youths resisted Betha’s and Aegon’s plans, however, and the children instead married for love as their parents had done.

Fancasting Meme | 6 Historical Figures (4/6)
Janet Montgomery as Betha Blackwood

ASoIaF Fancast: Valery Kovtun as Rhaegar Targaryen 


The Land of Always Winter is the northernmost part of Westeros, far beyond the Wall. The Frostfangs and several large lakes separate them from the haunted forest. The Land of Always Winter is permanently locked in winter and perpetually frozen. Mostly unexplored, it is near the land of Thenn. It is believed that the Others come from this region. During the Dawn Age, the children of the forest and giants lived in the Land of Always Winter. According to legend, the Others came from the Land of Always Winter during the Long Night.

Fancasting Meme | 7 Locations That Have Yet to Be Shown (7/7)


the tyrell brothers

*peter mooney as willas, ben lamb as garlan, luke treadaway as loras

Robert's Rebellion fancast

Henry Cavil as Robert Baratheon

Michał Żebrowski as Rhaegar Targaryen

or Lee Pace as Rhaegar Targaryen

or Dylan Fosket as Rhaegar Targaryen

Chris Hemsworth as Eddard Stark

Adelaide Kane as Lyanna Stark

or Hailee Steinfeld as Lyanna Stark

Sonam Kapoor as Elia Martell 

or  Sibylla Deen as Elia Martell

or Freida Pinto as Elia Martell

Sara Arjun as Rhaenys Targaryen

Jason Isaacs as Aerys II Targaryen

or Bernard Hill as Aerys II Targaryen

Annica Bejhed as Rhaella Targaryen

or Charlize Theron as Rhaella Targaryen

Santiago Cabrera as Arthur Dayne

Merve Bolugar as Ashara Dayne

Ranveer Singh as young Oberyn Martell

Ghassan Massoud as Doran Martell

Mahesh Jadu as Lewyn Martell

Tom Austen as Young Tywin Lannister

or Philip Winchester as Tywin Lannister

 Ed Speleers as Young Jamie Lannister

Celina Sinden as Young Cersei Lannister

Conan Stevens as Gregor Clegane

Fintan McKeown as Amory Lorch

Viggo Mortensen as Rickard Stark

Peter Mooney as Brandon Stark

Sam Claflin as Benjen Stark

Aneurin Barnard as Howland Reed

Garrett Hedlund as Stannis Baratheon

Luke Evans as Davos Seaworth

Asa Butterfield as Renly Baratheon

Patrick Stewart as Jon Arryn

or Liam Neeson as Jon Arryn

David O’Hara as Hoster Tully

Tom Hiddleston as Brynden Tully

Eleanor Tomlinson as Catelyn Tully

Isolda Dychauk as Lysa Tully

Eddie Redmayne as Edmure Tully


Known Ruling Princesses of Dorne

*  the names of Nymeria’s daughter, the two members of the Red Princes and the latest Princess of Dorne are made up, since they are mentioned in canon, but not given a name. (Thank you to @drbobbimorse for the suggestions)


Princess Argella Durrandon was the daughter and only child of Argilac the Arrogant, the last Storm King. In the battle called the Last Storm, Orys Baratheon slew Argilac Durrandon in single combat, and the remaining stormlander army fled. At the approach of Orys Baratheon and the Targaryen host, Argella barred the gates of Storm’s End and declared herself Storm Queen. Rather than bend the knee, she promised when Queen Rhaenys flew Meraxes into the castle to parley that the defenders of Storm’s End would die to the last man. “You may take my castle, but you will win only bones and blood and ashes,” she announced, but the soldiers of the garrison proved less eager to die. That night they raised a peace banner, threw open the castle gate, and delivered Lady Argella gagged, chained, and naked to the camp of Orys Baratheon. It is said that Orys unchained her with his own hands, wrapped his cloak around her, poured her wine, and spoke to her gently, telling her of her father’s courage and the manner of his death. And afterward, to honor the fallen king, he took the arms and words of the Durrandon for his own. The crowned stag became his sigil, Storm’s End became his seat, and Lady Argella his wife.

Fancasting Meme | 6 Historical Figures (3/6)
Eva Green as Argella Durrandon


The Storm Queen

At the approach of Orys Baratheon and the Targaryen host, Argella barred the gates of Storm’s End and declared herself Storm Queen. She announced that the defenders of Storm’s End would die to the last man. However, her garrison refused to share the fate of Harrenhal and revolted, raising a peace banner and delivering Argella to Orys’s camp, gagged, chained, and naked. Orys removed the chains with his own hands, wrapped his cloak around her, and gave her food and wine. He spoke to her gently, telling her of her father Argilac’s courage in death.

Aegon rewarded Orys Baratheon with Storm’s End, the rule of the Stormlands, and Argella. Orys Baratheon adopted the sigil and words of House Durrandon as his own.

[Jenna Coleman as Argella ; Russel Crow as Orys]


“I never had the honor to know Prince Lewyn but all agree that he was a great knight.

Lewyn Martell was the uncle of the current ruling Prince of Dorne, Doran Martell, and a member of the Kingsguard in service to Aerys II. During Robert’s Rebellion, he was commanded by Aerys (who had kept his niece, Princess Elia Martell as hostage in Kingslanding) to assemble 10,000 Dornishmen to support Prince Rhaegar. However Lewyn died at the Battle of the Trident, but his and his niece’s deaths enraged the whole of Dorne. 

It is also said that he kept a paramour, despite the Kingsguards’ vows of chastity, that was closely guarded as a secret by his sworn brothers.