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Willam Stark was Lord of Winterfell in the early 3rd century AC.  He was beheaded at the Battle of Long Lake in 226 AC by the King Beyond the Wall Raymun Redbeard.  Raymun was subsequently killed by Willam’s brother Artos Stark.

Willam was married twice, to Melantha Blackwood and Lyanne Glover.  He had two children with Melantha Blackwood, Edwyle and Jocelyn.  He also had one son with Lyanne Glover, Brandon.  Edwyle succeeded his father as Lord of Winterfell, married and had one son.  Jocelyn married Benedict Royce of the Vale, together they had three daughters whose names are unknown but who lived to adulthood and married into other Vale houses.  Brandon’s fate is unknown.

arriviaderci  asked:

Do you think it's odd that Rhaenys Targaryen as in The Queen Who Never Was didn't have the Baratheon look (from her mother Jocelyn) despite it being made out like it was some sort of super gene in the first book?

Well, you have to realize that Jocelyn was only half Baratheon herself – her mother was Alyssa Velaryon. (Widow of Aenys Targaryen, and thus also Jocelyn’s husband’s grandmother.) And for all the talk about the Baratheon “strong seed”, Valyrian genes seem to be pretty powerful themselves. Consider the family of Daeron II and Mariah Martell, how we only know one of their sons looked like his mother. And consider how only one of the sons of Aegon V and Betha Blackwood seems to have the Blackwood coloring. (I really wish we had descriptions of their daughters Shaera and Rhaelle– Shaera I’d suspect looked Targaryen, but I wonder if Rhaelle had black hair and thus reinforced the Baratheon “power” when she married Ormund.) Mind you not every Targaryen outcross has a Valyrian appearance, but the silver hair and purple eyes do seem to breed true more frequently than you’d expect.

Anyway, this is Rhaenys’s family tree:

Note that Jocelyn’s father Robar Baratheon was at least 1/8 Targaryen through his grandfather Orys. (Based on the belief that Orys Baratheon was a bastard brother of Aegon the Conqueror.) With his wife Alyssa Velaryon (presumably a full-blooded Valyrian), that would make Jocelyn 9/16 Valyrian – so less than half Baratheon, really. And so Rhaenys Targaryen was 25/32 Valyrian – that’s 78%. (And her children with Corlys Velaryon would be 89%.)

Against that power, even the Baratheon “strong seed” wouldn’t stand a chance. So the coal yielded to the silver, and Rhaenys Targaryen, the Queen Who Never Was, had the look of the Targaryens, as did her children.