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asoiaf major acarna - north edition - XVI The Tower (Lyanna Stark)

 The tower in major arcana tarot represents change, disaster, and upheaval, all of which reflect Lyanna as she was kidnapped and taken to the Tower of Joy at age 16 by Rhaegar Targaryen. Her disappearance led to a war, to her death at a young age, and ultimately to a change to the monarchy, bringing Robert Baratheon to the throne.

hermdoggydog  asked:

What would a deck of playing cards in Westeros look like, if/when such a thing develops? Like what suits, what ranks (7 suits with 7 ranks to honor the Seven, perhaps)? Would there be regional variations?

If playing cards ever get introduced to Westeros, I expect they’ll come from Essos, probably Yi Ti, the way playing cards originated from China in our world. (Via Persia, India, Egypt, Southern Europe, and so on.) As such, I wouldn’t expect the Faith of the Seven to be a strong influence on the number of suits or ranks, any more than the Trinity was an influence in Europe.* And for that matter, 7 is a lucky number in our world,** but that doesn’t seem to have affected card suits at all.*** Also, since religious leaders have historically frowned on gambling, I would expect a game using the images of the Seven to be considered blasphemy,**** so… yeah, that’s not going to happen.

* Actually, I can’t find anything that says why 4 suits are the most common, other than that’s how it originated in China. There’s a few Indian variations with all kinds of numbers of suits, including 12 for the 12 signs of the zodiac, and 10 for the 10 avatars of Vishnu, but still the most common number of suits is 4.

** Unlike in the Discworld, where 8 is a prominent number, and Cripple Mister Onion has 8 suits.

*** 7 being lucky has affected dice games though. And they do play dice in Westeros. Also tiles, which is probably dominoes.

**** Seriously, can you imagine how the medieval Catholic Church would react to a game with cards of God, Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Spirit? ugh ugh ugh. (Note that tarot cards used for divination, and the pagan imagery of the major arcana, etc, are not medieval; they weren’t developed until the late 18th century.)

Anyway, if you want a properly worldbuilt playing card game in Westeros, with regional variations, I’d ask @warsofasoiaf, that sounds right up his alley. Though since you are asking me… hmm, I’d go with a bicolor 4 x 14 + 2 deck. Red and black, for the Targaryens. The Italian suits (cups, coins, clubs, swords) as that sounds properly medieval. 10 ranking cards (1-10), 4 court cards (knight, queen, king, dragon). And two fools, red and black.

As for variations, regional ones might replace the 1 with the local paramount sigil (wolf, rose, lion, etc). But I can actually see historical variations being more popular – green and black during the Dance; the red and black dragons being used to indicate allegiance circa the Blackfyre Rebellions (Bloodraven has the game banned when he’s Hand, of course); yellow and black with stags instead of dragons post-Robert’s Rebellion.

Hope you like!

“your words will disappear. your house will disappear. your name will disappear. all memory of you will disappear.”

this is the first of a series of GoT-related tarot cards i will be doing for the next few weeks. thought i’d tackle on a personal project just for fun, at least while i don’t have to worry about classes.

i’m starting with lady sansa stark aka our glorious queen in the north! (at least in my head she is)


Happy Valentine’s Day my po-tay-toes!

Save, print, and give these silly Valentines to your favorite scoundrel, burglar, rebel, Grey Warden, or possible next ruler of Westeros!

Finally kitamere Christmas card has arrived, and what a beautiful card!! Sansa and Lady enjoying the snowflakes just gives me a lot of nice feelings. And thaks a lot to your friend venprise for creating it beacause it’s magical.

Thank so much Kit ^.^ I have it now on my desk while I’m posting this, just next to Kim’s. And thanks also for the winter rose! I didn’t post a picture beacuse I wanted the card to have all the attention but I’ve worn it on my coat today ;)