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What I hate about ASOIAF (and GOT) fandom: 

1) any arya vs sansa bullshit. (its totally fine to like one and not the other, but to put these two young girls aganist eachother is awful. Westeros world is already difficult for women, without adding any hateful discourse over these two characters)

2) tyrion is a bastard and not tywin son. (oh man this theory destroys the whole character of tyrion and his interesting relationship with his father tywin, I hate it) 

3) Jon is legitimate ( for the same reason as tyrion as a bastard is awful, jon being legitimate is awful for his storyline and his relationship with Ned and the truth about his real parents..) 

3) the whole theon and/or jayne  deserved to be turtured by ramsay ( i have read once a meta about how jayne deserved it because she was mean to arya when they were children.) 

4) the “rape makes you stroger and wiser” trope that  Dumb and Dumber promote (get fucked with that garbage..)


Tyrion Lannister + thoughts about his family members (Tywin, Joanna, Cersei & Jaime)
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nymor sends his daughter to king’s landing to deliver a message to the king. dorne refuses to submit to foreign rule, but hopes to establish peace. although orys and visenya discourage him, aegon eventually accepts the offer. no one knows what was in nymor’s letter, but it is said aegon gripped the parchment so hard his hands bled as he read it.


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 4/9 scenes ~ a storm of swords, tyrion x

Queen Myrcella? It would have been more tempting if only he did have Sansa tucked beneath his cloak. If she declared for Myrcella over Tommen, would the north follow? What the Red Viper was hinting at was treason. Could Tyrion truly take up arms against Tommen, against his own father? Cersei would spit blood. It might be worth it for that alone.


ASOIAF meme: 1/4 songs or stories ♦ the Night’s King and his Queen

He had been the thirteenth man to lead the Night’s Watch; a warrior who knew no fear. “And that was the fault in him,” Old Nan would add, “for all men must know fear.”

A woman was his downfall; a woman glimpsed from atop the Wall, with skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars. Fearing nothing, he chased her and caught her and loved her, though her skin was cold as ice, and when he gave his seed to her he gave his soul as well. He brought her back to the Nightfort and proclaimed her a queen and himself her king, and with strange sorceries he bound his Sworn Brothers to his will. For thirteen years they had ruled, Night’s King and his corpse queen, till finally the Stark of Winterfell and Joramun of the wildlings had joined to free the Watch from bondage. After his fall, when it was found he had been sacrificing to the Others, all records of Night’s King had been destroyed, his very name forbidden.

“Some say he was a Bolton,” Old Nan would always end. “Some say a Magnar out of Skagos, some say Umber, Flint, or Norrey. Some would have you think he was a Woodfoot, from them who ruled Bear Island before the ironmen came. He never was. He was a Stark, the brother of the man who brought him down.


asoiaf meme: (2/4) events ➝ ROBERT’S REBELLION

They had come together at the ford of the Trident while the battle crashed around them, Robert with his warhammer and his great antlered helm, the Targaryen prince armored all in black. On his breastplate was the three-headed dragon of his House, wrought all in rubies that flashed like fire in the sunlight. The waters of the Trident ran red around the hooves of their destriers as they circled and clashed, again and again, until at last a crushing blow from Robert’s hammer stove in the dragon and the chest beneath it. When Ned had finally come on the scene, Rhaegar lay dead in the stream, while men of both armies scrabbled in the swirling waters for rubies knocked free of his armor.