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In a recent ask, you said: "At this feast (...), the Starks are “flaunting it”. (...) It’s not a careless, casual waste of food and wealth (compare Joffrey’s wedding)" But Joffrey's wedding wasn't just a careless waste of resources, it was Tywin declaring "mission accomplished", the war is over and the Lannisters now reign. Now, it certainly backfired (or went according to plan, depending on which theories you subscribe to), but it certainly wasn't a waste in contrast to Bran's Harvest feast...

The reason I consider Joffrey’s wedding a waste of resources is because it was. Yes, it was a very carefully planned waste of resources, to demonstrate the union of Lannister gold and Tyrell abundance and Baratheon monarchy, to show everyone who were the winners of the War of the Five Kings. But it was still a waste:

“What did you find at the riverfront?”
“Mud,” said Tyrion, “and a few dead things no one’s bothered to bury. Before we can open the port again, the Blackwater’s going to have to be dredged, the sunken ships broken up or raised. Three-quarters of the quays need repair, and some may have to be torn down and rebuilt. The entire fish market is gone, and both the River Gate and the King’s Gate are splintered from the battering Stannis gave them and should be replaced. I shudder to think of the cost.” If you do shit gold, Father, find a privy and get busy, he wanted to say, but he knew better.
“You will find whatever gold is required.”
“Will I? Where? The treasury is empty, I’ve told you that. We’re not done paying the alchemists for all that wildfire, or the smiths for my chain, and Cersei’s pledged the crown to pay half the costs of Joff’s wedding—seventy-seven bloody courses, a thousand guests, a pie full of doves, singers, jugglers…”
“Extravagance has its uses. We must demonstrate the power and wealth of Casterly Rock for all the realm to see.”
“Then perhaps Casterly Rock should pay.”
“Why? I have seen Littlefinger’s accounts. Crown incomes are ten times higher than they were under Aerys.”
“As are the crown’s expenses. Robert was as generous with his coin as he was with his cock. Littlefinger borrowed heavily. From you, amongst others. Yes, the incomes are considerable, but they are barely sufficient to cover the usury on Littlefinger’s loans. Will you forgive the throne’s debt to House Lannister?”
“Don’t be absurd.”
“Then perhaps seven courses would suffice. Three hundred guests instead of a thousand. I understand that a marriage can be just as binding without a dancing bear.”
“The Tyrells would think us niggardly. I will have the wedding and the waterfront. If you cannot pay for them, say so, and I shall find a master of coin who can.”

–ASOS, Tyrion IV

“If you will excuse us, Lady Olenna, it is time we were in our places.”
“Myself as well. Seventy-seven courses, I daresay. Don’t you find that a bit excessive, my lord? I shan’t eat more than three or four bites myself, but you and I are very little, aren’t we?”

–ASOS, Tyrion VIII

“While we are speaking of amusement, I heard a curious tale from Lord Buckler’s steward. He claimed that you had put a tax on women’s privy purses.”
“It is a tax on whoring,” said Tyrion, irritated all over again. And it was my bloody father’s notion. “Only a penny for each, ah… act. The King’s Hand felt it might help improve the morals of the city.” And pay for Joffrey’s wedding besides. Needless to say, as master of coin, Tyrion had gotten all the blame for it.

–ASOS, Tyrion V

Seventy-seven courses, a hundred birds, all to “demonstrate the power and wealth of Casterly Rock” – but is Casterly Rock paying for it? No, the people are, through raised taxes. While winter is coming, the Riverlands are a ruined wasteland (and soon the starving wreckage will come flooding into the city as sparrows), and King’s Landing was still never fully repaired from the Battle of the Blackwater. The crown borrows and borrows and the debt comes due in AFFC, from the Faith, from the Tyrells, from the Iron Bank of Braavos, from the gods themselves one might even say.

There’s propaganda, that builds morale and builds commoners’ trust in the ruling class. And then there’s wasteful propaganda, that does nothing but bring envy and hate, that spends money like water and gives nothing to the future. “Mission Accomplished”, indeed.

Gendrya High School AU //


  • Arya joins XC and that’s where they meet
  • They go to team bonding days/nights together and end up being good friends
  • Arya challenges him to race her on the beach at one of those events
  • The team goes to a lake after their last meet and Gendry kisses her there
  • They officially start dating right after that
  • They have a lot of study sessions together but neither is able to focus well because they’re too busy sneaking glances at the other
  • She falls asleep in class a lot
    • Gendry takes notes for her when she does
  • They run together after school all the time
  • Gendry takes her on a bike ride through the city on their three-month anniversary
  • Arya teases him about never showing his shoulders, even when running, but doesn’t realize it’s because of a secret tattoo of a bull on his left arm
  • He rides a motorcycle and sometimes lets Arya borrow it
  • Arya demands that he give her piggy back rides so she can ‘be the tallest person in school’
  • In turn, Gendry gets her all his favorite books and forces her to read them (he’s the ultimate fanboy) so they can discuss them afterward
  • She brings him coffee in the mornings when he has a really important test or something he’s nervous about
  • They get together and make the nastiest ultra-healthy snacks they can find and make the other eat it
    • “track is starting soon and you know what that means”
    • “no more junky food?”
    • “no more junky food”

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A raven flies into the moonlight
The cold snow storm
He knows the massage has to arrive
The kingdom will burn to the ground

The witches and demons have come to deny
The beauty and peace of our home land
We know the massage has to arrive and
The King of the North will rise

—  song of the north

The legends about the Long Night in Yi Ti explain that a descendant of God-on-Earth known as the Amethyst Empress was usurped and murdered by her own brother, an event known as the Blood Betrayal. This caused the Maiden-Made-of-Light to turn away from humanity in shame, and the Lion of Night came forth in all his wrath to punish mankind’s wickedness, inflicting the cold and darkness of the Long Night. - Yi Ti, The World of Ice and Fire


Word Count: 1,512

((oh my god…I am so sorry for this. I…I like it as a whole but there are some parts that I just…I don’t want to blame being sick but I’ve been sick both days I’ve tried to write this. I hope you all find it at the least okay.))

You lost track of how long you had been running. You lost track of everything really until you turned into an alley and leaned up against the hot walls of the smooth-stoned Dornish styled home. Your body was covered in sweat, your heart was thumping heavy and quick, and you were so dizzy you were certain you would fall unconscious at any moment. The dots in your vision didn’t help the queasy feeling in your stomach and more than one you gave a dry heave, waiting and almost willing yourself to actually vomit.

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🔥 A Song of Ice and Fire projectA Gifset per every chapter

↪ A Game of Thrones, XXXV, Eddard, IX

He gave Littlefinger a cool, contemptuous glance. “Lord Baelish, I’d leave here in some haste if I did not care to get bloodstains on my costly clothing.”

Littlefinger did not need to be urged. “I will bring the City Watch,” he promised Ned. The Lannister line parted to let him through, and closed behind him. Littlefinger put his heels to his mare and vanished around a corner. 

Ned’s men had drawn their swords, but they were three against twenty. Eyes watched from nearby windows and doors, but no one was about to intervene. His party was mounted, the Lannisters on foot save for Jaime himself. A charge might win them free, but it seemed to Eddard Stark that they had a surer, safer tactic. “Kill me,” he warned the Kingslayer, “and Catelyn will most certainly slay Tyrion." 

Jaime Lannister poked at Ned’s chest with the gilded sword that had sipped the blood of the last of the Dragonkings. "Would she? The noble Catelyn Tully of Riverrun murder a hostage? I think … not.” He sighed. “But I am not willing to chance my brother’s life on a woman’s honor.” Jaime slid the golden sword into its sheath. “So I suppose I’ll let you run back to Robert to tell him how I frightened you. I wonder if he’ll care.” Jaime pushed his wet hair back with his fingers and wheeled his horse around. When he was beyond the line of swordsmen, he glanced back at his captain. “Tregar, see that no harm comes to Lord Stark." 

"As you say, m'lord." 

"Still … we wouldn’t want him to leave here entirely unchastened, so” — through the night and the rain, he glimpsed the white of Jaime’s smile — “kill his men.”

Robb x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine cuddling with Robb during the war and him comforting you about upcoming battles.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /
Could you do a fluffy robb x reader where they’re laying in bed together & he keeps calling her pretty & saying that he loves her and stuff? thank you!! (sorry if this wasn’t very detailed!)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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@larasalander replied to your post “What are your thoughts about Jon x Sansa?”

All this and there is also that in their way they are the most alike. Both may admire/want to be like Arya (Sansa now not then.) But both were really utterly traditional and planned typical paths of virtue for their circumstance. Both utterly disappointed and eventually betrayed by the life they thought they wanted. Both believing in the stories. Both treated as marginal in the family, in their way. Sansa said it he’s a bastard and she’s a girl.

This is amazing! I really hadn’t considered a lot of these ways in which they are similar - especially them both having “traditional and planned” paths. Sansa heading south for her prestigious marriage, Jon heading North to be one of the Night’s Watch - they both had ideas about what that would be like, they both thought they would find their glory and their happiness there. And they both, of course, were bitterly disappointed. 

And that’s also very fascinating about them being marginalized. It both happened by their birth - Jon a bastard, Sansa a girl - but then in their new places they had to learn it all over again. At the Wall, no one cared that Jon came from an important house, he was just another brother. He thought he was better than the others but he had to learn how to work with them. And Sansa didn’t realize how good she had it at home either until Ned was killed and she was a prisoner. They both had to adjust to their family being a liability instead of an advantage. And they both had to find ways to function within their new prisons as part of the system, unlike all the other siblings.


               a song of ice and fire aesthetics
                            ↳ houses of westeros [1/7]