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omg Jon didn't die in 7x06 you illiterate slug. He was under the water only for a few moments. The only reason why Viserion died is so life could grow again in Dany's womb, so she could get pregnant and give birth to the baby that Jon and her conceived on the boat. Jonsa shippers are really a stupid bunch 😂😂😂 Targaryen restoration and Jonerys baby are on their way and I can't wait for next year when I'll be able to come back to your ask to rub it in your face 😂

omg I’m so sorry, I totally forgot that this is not “Game of Thrones”, but the “Jon and D@ny” show, the “Targ Restoration” show or the “D@ny Show”, how silly of me. lol

Nonny, Jon wasn’t under the water “only for a few seconds”, he was stuck under freezing water for more than 70 seconds

For those who don’t know, in freezing water you drown faster, for obvious reasons; you’re really cold, you shake, it hurts a lot more (you literally feel like thousands of needles are stabbing you everywhere because the water is so cold), you panick (you panick either way, but I gather it’s a tad worse in freezing water), you feel the need to gasp for air and to breathe more (due to the shaking), because of the cold water eventually hypothermia kicks in and if for watever reason you’re unconscious or become unconscious while you’re submerged in freezing (or not freezing) water, you can literally die in 15-20 seconds, because while you’re unconscious you can’t make yourself hold your breath/save air, you voluntarily breathe in and swallow water. 

So yeah… from where I sit, I totally think that Jon drowned and came back to life, even his (shocked) reaction and facial expression is the same as when he was resurrected in season 6.



I mean, why did it take him 70 seconds+ to come back to the surface? SEVENTY SECONDS. He took WAY too long to come out. 

The way I see it, he was thrown suddenly and violently under water, when the wights pushed him they literally broke the ice with him, he was the first who hit its surface and he hit it hard, and do you know what you can see him do immediately after he is underwater? HE EXHALES AIR & INHALES WATER.

In the gif below, if he had any air in his lungs here, the surprise and him hitting the ice hard with his back like that, the impact, made him exhale a lot of it.

And in the gif below, as I was saying, you can clearly see him exhale the little air he had left and then inhale water. I can assure you that in 60-70 seconds he inhaled lots of it.

So let’s recap, he had very little air into his lungs as it was, since he was running and fighting, he exaled lots of it when the wights caught him by surprise and pushed him on the ice, he had no time to inhale more air and fill his lungs with it before being pushed and submerged, then the little air he had left he exhaled underwater and finally, he inhaled water. 

There is no way he survived 70 seconds down there, without having had no air stored in his lungs prior to being submerged and after drinking that much water. So yeah, in my book, Jon 100% drowned here.

Jondelion shippers, aka you nonny, would actually be okay with me saying this, you’d find it plausible, if only it weren’t for the fact that I am saying Viserion’s death payed for Jon’s life. You won’t have it/get triggered, because it takes away D@ny’s chance to make magical Targ babies lol And because I am saying something that potentially ruins your dream plot, that makes me “stupid” and an “illiterate slug” lmao 

I seriously doubt you’ll have anything to “rub in my face”, but do come back to say hi to the “illiterate slug” either way k nonny? lol 👋😂

P.S. You didn’t call me “delusional”, you get a point for creativity. 😂✌️

The One | Jon Snow x Reader

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Request: “Jon Snow x reader? The reader gets abducted and when Jon comes to rescue her he finds that she already kicked the asses of her captors. Kind of a “took you long enough” but also a “i thought I’d never see you again” kind of feel. I seriously love your imagines and blog, you’re amazing 💖” by anon

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Notes/Warning: Thank you so much, anon <3 Also, side note, typing with a brace around your wrist is hard af :/

Word Count: 696

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