A sketchbook piece I got fixated on for the last couple of days. Jon Snow’s been one of my favorite characters in the ASOFI from the beginning, as well as Ghost. He seems tragically fated to follow in his “father’s” footsteps, but that could change if R+L=J turns out to be true. It’s wishful thinking, but hey, a guy can hope, right?

Just finished A Dance with Dragons. I’ve spent my entire summer reading all of the Song of Fire and Ice series and now that I finished the last book, I don’t know what do with myself. I have that empty feeling that get every time I finished a good book. The end of the book left with major cliff hangers, some of my favorite characters are in danger and if I have to wait four years for the next book to come out to see if my characters are okay, I will be pissed. I can’t last that long. Seriously, my favorite character better not be dead.  How did the fans survive the long gaps between each book before? George Martin, don’t leave me waiting!!!

So I’m just going to promote my other tumblr, ASOFAI.

It’s an appreciation blog for the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, as well as the HBO TV series based off of the books, A Game of Thrones.

Honestly if you haven’t read these books or watched the series, I highly recommend it. I had the chance to pick up this book series a few years ago and regretted the nonchalance once I finally got my hands on this delicious literature a couple of months ago. So check out these links below and take a look at my appreciation blog.

You won’t regret it.


Official site

Also, here’s a great non-biased review of the series

i need to make a friend who has (or is currently reading) the series A Song of Fire and Ice

i really really really want to geek out about so many things from the first three books (since those are the only ones i’ve finished thus far). But alas, i have no one to talk to about it.

i hate it when i’m excited about stuff and have no one to share my excitement with. it sucks…

Cersei time!

Big shout out to Melinda Rose Costumes for helping me choose this wig. I creeped her on Facebook and she was very helpful! You should check out her page. Her Cersei haunts my dreams…

I spent the night styling my wig which came in today. This the first time I have had to really style a wig, and it was a time consuming process. It is a lace front wig, but I didn’t bother taping it down for this photo, sorry :P

I chose one of Cersei’s more complicated hair styles, because I love Kevin Alexander’s asymmetrical designs. Rather than just her two rope braids pulled back, there is an elaborate knot at the back which she wear in Season 3 Episode 2 while taking to Joffery about Margery.

Looking at it now I think I need to take a bit more away from the face.

I also tried some make up out. Cersei’s make up in very different from all of the other women on GoT. Her skin is very matte compared to Dany and Margery, and the colours are warm browns and muted peaches, where as the other women favour rosy pinks and milky whites. I have to warm up my complexion a bit more I think to make the wig look natural.

I also have green contacts in. My brother, who will be jamie has hazel eyes so I wanted them to be close to his, with a bit more green in them for Tywin. 

I did some other prep work tonight for armour peices for jamie, but I will share those when they are more interesting to look at.