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I’ve been feeling super reflective on my life, who I’ve become, and where my life is possibly headed. This year is about two months away from ending and to be honest I’m ready to jump into whatever plans God has for me. This year has been a year of struggle, challenges, finding myself, loneliness, happiness, decisions, faith, probably everything and anything in between. Last semester I was so determined to just be bold in my faith and trust God that my time here in Boulder would get better. And, to no surprise he came through for me. Through church I made some amazing friends and made some great memories. Going home for the summer I was so unbelievably excited to spend time with my family, friends, and Tay. It wasn’t that I was crazy homesick but I was ready to add another amazing summer to my list. Then aSociete happened. From watching this vision grow from choosing logos from my dorm to having a team, website, and warehouse it has truly been nothing shy of amazing. As we all know everything worth having isn’t easy. I cried a lot, questioned myself, and had to grow up and get this company off the ground. I felt so dis-connected with kids my age because I felt no one understood what I was going through. While I was worried about turning aSociete into reality they were probably wondering how they were going to get drunk that night or what fun things they wanted to do with their friends. Pretty much normal college kid things. Sacrificing my summer for my company was like being pummeled by a wave over and over again. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life honestly. Finally it came time for me to come back to Boulder for school. It was one of the weirdest changes going from working 8am-12am to living a semi-normal college student life going to school and what not. I struggled hardcore with myself and the guilt I felt for leaving everything behind. I was trying to hold onto aSociete as much as I could but live a normal college life and it broke me. I started to underestimate myself as a person and I put myself into a hole of misery I couldn’t seem to get out of it. With way too many phone calls from my step-mom, fights with my dad, and a little bit of soul searching I finally started to realize I am truly stronger than I was giving myself credit for. 

With my future hanging on the line everyday I wake up anxious and asking God to just give me a sign and the strength to trust in his time and plans for me. I’ve been accepted to 3 out of 5 colleges so far and I’m hoping I’ll be back in Cali next semester for good so I can help aSociete grow even more. I’m ready to be the person I’m meant to be or at least who I think i’m suppose to be.  I mean only God knows right? I know the life I want to live and I don’t ever want to stop chasing after it. I want to travel the world, ride an elephant, see the northern lights, see the white houses of Santorini, snowboard 150 days out of the year, own a home in the snow, make my parents proud, kind of just to name a few. I’m ready to just make sure the whole world knows who the aSociete team is and that we’re out to change the world. We’re only 19 but like many things age doesn’t matter. So world you better get ready because we’re coming for ya.


So it’s November and you know what that means…. It’s No Shave November!

Reppin’ hard for the aSociete team is our very own beloved Levi Lopez. Check him out below. This is him having not shaved for 2 weeks now.

You think you got Levi beat? Well throughout the month, we will be updating you guys on Levi’s progress so you can see just exactly how his “beard” is coming along. If you want to compete against him, you can go ahead and send us in pics of your own “No Shave November”, and if at the end of the month you do in fact have him beat, we’ll hook you up with a free T-Shirt of your choice! So hide those razors and get to not shaving!


Vanessa from aSociete featured in Perigny X Las Vegas Magic/S.L.A.T.E. Tradeshow video. Check it out! Stay tuned for some more goodies.