Taste Social @Kupros - To Improve and Beyond!

Taste Social @Kupros Bistro Experiment #1: complete!

For a first beer tasting/social we’re quite pleased. Great company showed up with open minds and empty beer bellies. Folks were ready to socialize, get their drink on, and listen to some fellow beer enthusiasts shared their knowledge fine craft brews. At one point the level of conversation even made it hard to hear the person next to you. Even though the event was technically supposed to end at 8:30pm, people stuck around to enjoy their beers and socialize until closer to 10pm. Good times, good drink, great people. 

With the knowledge and experience of our first event, we’re eager to get started with Taste Social #2. To stay true to the Asobuyo! spirit, we’ll make it more of a social event that focuses on the people and social interaction and a little less on the beer…just a little less. Quality time will mean longer intervals to elaborate on answers…and questions, and more time to get up and socialize in general. More games, of course, and a little bit of a better setup (to make social interaction easier and more efficient).

In the same way that Asobuyo! uses play to build community, it also uses play to grow and develop. Thank you for all of the feedback and the direct means for helping us to grow!

Doing it big!

With a great mission comes great responsibility. Asobuyo! has set out to create a more playful world in hopes that by playing together community is built. We may talk about play and games and fun a lot, but at the end of the day our mission is to bring people together. Asobuyo! is about building community through play, for now, but who knows if that’s the best approach to building community. Only time will really tell. 

What we (Jeff, Justen, Aaron, and Chris) learned about ourselves in 2011, is that we’re open-minded facilitators, that take learning very seriously. Surprisingly, being playful, gamers/game-lovers, and having fun weren’t the primary ways we defined ourselves. We hope to change that and will totally change it up with one simple resolution: play more. Hopefully you’ll join us on our journey. 

We’re still in the process of discovering more about the lessons of 2011, and we’ve started planning our goals for 2012. Assuming the world doesn’t come to an end, our goal for now (which may slightly change) is to bring together a community of about 1500 people. 1500 people attending 3 events each. How? Well, not easily, but through positive, ongoing, enriching, social events. We need your help as well. We’ll need facilitators, creative people to help brainstorm and generate great ideas, supporters, evangelists that get friends to come, and players!

So there it is. You know how we’re going to do it big in 2012. Help us! Keep us on track! Remind us that what’s truly important is having fun because we’ll make more friends and live better lives that way. Don’t be afraid to slap us around or tell us that we’re making mistakes. That’s how we learn. Kick our assess if we start to lose hope or get discouraged. Most of all, have fun because it’s contagious. Let’s infect each other with fun and good times. And hey, if the world does come to an end, at least we’ll know we were having fun. Come to think of it, shouldn’t every potential end-of-the-world year be the most fun we’ve had?

3 Reasons Why Queen Sheba is Fun!

Last Thursday we facilitated a GoBuyo Nights event at Queen Sheba on Broadway. Somehow, the vibe, food, and mix of players was just right.

So, why do WE think Queen Sheba is fun?

1) The food! Your everyday finger foods are great, but when you’re served delicious cuisine that you can only eat by using injera and fingers, you get sent to a whole other level of finger lickin’ fun. It’s like being a toddler and discovering how to eat by yourself all over again!

2) The history! There’s so much history behind everything there! Okay, the actual place isn’t THAT old, but pretty much everything has a story behind it. Stories are fun! It’s like you’re experiencing history by just eating. 

3) The bonding experience. There’s just something amazing to be said about the bonding experience of sticking your finger in someone else’s food and not having anybody care about it. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it really makes you feel close. Word of caution, be careful if you end up using a fork. People may get stabbed.