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You know, the funny thing in this fandom is that when David went to see her in Streetcar it was nothing else than a friend support. And he even went backstage... now this guy went to her event, didnt do anything closer to a boyfriend behaviour and suddenly he's the one, the sweetest guy in the world?! WTF!!! 😒

THANK YOU.  I was thinking about this this morning.  

When David went, and anyone dared to say he was there as a boyfriend, the Other Side shouted us down, insulted us and mocked us for saying that. Actually, there was a lot of David-mocking happening, too, because people were taunting him and saying that he was going to sneak in wearing a disguise and hide backstage, then sneak out under a coat.  

When we dared to say that he looked happy and he took his sister because he was proud to show her the amazing work Gillian does on stage, we were laughed at and told to shut up because “everyone” takes family to see friends. (Um, no.  Just like I don’t kiss my male colleagues and male friends on their lips, either.)  

When David went backstage, do you remember what was said?  That he snuck out with his sister and that was why no one saw him leave.  That there was “no reason” for him to stick around with Gillian, because he’s “nothing to her”.  I could point you in the direction of who said this, but it really doesn’t matter, because it’s long gone and done.  The point is, the person and her friends had loud voices and people listened, so it became a refrain that a lot of people suddenly believed.

David was actually seen going backstage by many people and never seen coming back out.  He waited patiently for Gillian to sign autographs - backstage. He sat through the performance with rapt attention and looked like he loved being there.  People attending caught candids of him and posted them, and he actually looked happy to be there.  In the audience, numerous people described what he looked like, and it ranged from mesmerized to proud to in love to emotional.  Yet, he was labelled as “just a friend being supportive”.  Just “a co-worker”.  And if you dared to utter a word against that, certain people were more than happy to bring all hell down upon you.

PM goes to Gillian’s event, never interacts with her, doesn’t disappear backstage with her, doesn’t leave with her, arrives early, is in the company of a woman who was probably his date or his girlfriend, looks uncomfortable to be there, can’t wait to leave, and has a face like thunder for much of the evening suddenly gets translated into: he’s there to support the love of his life!  He was so proud!  He was so happy!  He loves his lady!

The level of double standards in this fandom is both astounding and absolutely disgusting.

The level of David-erasure, which is what I’m going to start calling it, is just as disgusting.  PM is not the boyfriend.  David is Gillian’s partner.  And to remove him from the narrative of her life, the way some people are attempting to do, is reprehensible.

And thank you so much for bringing this up and pointing it out.


Take a look at yourself here in a worn-out Mardi Gras outfit, rented for 50 cents from some rag-picker. And with a crazy crown on. Now what kind of a queen do you think you are? You come in here and you sprinkle the place with powder and you spray perfume and you stick a paper lantern over the light bulb - and, lo and behold, the place has turned to Egypt and you are the Queen of the Nile, sitting on your throne, swilling down my liquor. 

 A Streetcar Named Desire (Tennessee Williams)

Request! Raphael x Reader.

Once again, Raphael had done it.

Lost his temper, flew off the handle, made an angry idiot of himself. Call it whatever you want, it was still the same situation. And it still ended the same way: Raph storming out of the Lair and onto the streets. Luckily, it was dark enough that he could be open…as open as a mutant turtle could be.

Ironically, that’s what the big fight had been about. Raphael wanting more then just a dark sewer and cold city nights, only to run up to that city and realize…his brothers were right. The people he was looking down at would never, ever accept him or his brothers, no matter how many times they saved them all. Not a single one of them would…Raphael sighed, his golden eyes searching the dark city. Only to catch a glimpse of something no one else had noticed.

A young woman, surrounded by at least six people who were all shouting rapidly and taking pictures of her. He was certain he had seen this girl, even though he didn’t know where. They had her backed into a corner andc just as Raph stood up, one of them reached out and tried to grab her, ribbing her dress sleeve in the process. That was enough for the turtle. Raphael acted quickly and jumped down into the shadows below. They never even saw him.

Raph snatched them away from her, one by one, and had them all groaning on the ground in pain. Fear flashed in their eyes and they stumbled out of the alley quickly, never once looking back. But Raphael did. He turned back to the girl only to realize…she was looking right at him. At the angle she saw, she could see the turtle perfectly. Crap. He turned to leave, to get out of there as fast as he could when she spoke.

“Wait! Please wait!”

She didn’t sound scared. And Raphael, for whatever reason, decided to take a chance. He slowly turned around, watching as she stumbled to her feet. Should he help steady her? Would she even want him to?

“At least let me say thank you.”

Raph found himself slowly stepping closer to her, watching her carefully. She was smiling at him as she reached out a small hand.

“Thank you for coming to my rescue back there. I don’t even want to think about what they might have done if…if you hadn’t.”

“Who were they anyway?” Raph asked, even though he wasn’t sure why.

“My fans apparently. But I don’t consider them as such.”

And that’s when he realized it. He realized that he knew her because he had seen her face on billboards and on T.V. and honestly, just about everywhere.

“Ain’t good fans if they’re treatin’ ya like that. Shouldn’t be actin’ like that.”

“…You are the only person to have ever said that to me. Everyone else acts like I deserve it, just because I make music. I’m Y/N.”


And that was how it all started, a friendship between a singer and a mutant. For the longest time, Raphael had kept it a secret, they both had. He hide his visits from his brothers and she hid them from her fans. But not all secrets casn be kept, especially when thast sweet singer kisses you…he had to go to his family after that.

“Are you sure about this? We could wait a little longer if you want…” You asked him.

There was no dying that Raph was “going out if his shell” nervous…but he also knew that it was the right choice.

“Long as I got ya with me…I’m good, tiger.”

He meant it too. And together, you and Raph walked into the Lair for the very first time. Splinter was the first to meet you. Kneeling in front of his father, Raphael almost felt like a child again as he introduced you and told him everything. Imagine his absolute surprise when Splinter simply chuckled at you both.

“Raphael, did you really think I wouldn’t notice you sneaking about so much? You ought to remember who taught you to sneak in the first place…”

His brothers had reactions as unquie as their personalities. Raphael had told you a lot about his brothers but you had been looking forward to getting your own impression of them. The biggest reaction (and the only one that they all shares) was surprise.

Michelangelo couldn’t believe that Raphael had a girlfriend or that the girlfriend was you. Of course he had a million and one questions to ask but Raph growled at him to give you some space (“She ain’t a zoo animal, Mikey”). He hated when people treated you like that… Leonardo…didn’t really say much at all. But that in itself was a conversation on it’s own. Andd Donatello just seemed happy. Of all of the brothers, Donnie was the most observant and he had realized what a positive influence you were on Raph.

But that had been months ago. Mikey had calmed down now, though he still teased you asnd Raphael endlessly. Leo was used to you even if it had taken him a while to accept the whole thing. And Donnie had tried his hardest to make everyone see just how happy Raphael was. And he was. This was the happiest the turtle had ever been and not because he had a beautiful, talented girlfriend.

Because he had a sweet, intelligent girlfriend who loved her music (and was damn good at it) and romance novels and cats. He knew things about you even your fans would never know, heard songs you had written but never released. Raph loved it when you sang for him, your sweet voice would sooth him and make his troubles just melt away…Because he had someone who was eager to learn everything about him, who accepted the good and the bad about him. Someone who loved his passion, his pride, and his attitude. Who helped him control his temper. Who kissed him and teased him and best of all? Accepted him.

Something he never thought would happen. But it had, it was real, this love was real…it was strange but sometimes he forgot that. It was moments like this that reminded him. Six months after that perfect meeting, Raph was on the phone with you, listening to your soft voice. There was a twinge of nervousness and in the background, he could hear your manager telling you to hurry up and get into makeup.

“You promise to watch it, right?” You asked him.

“Course, tiger. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Raphael replied.

“I know I’m just really nervous…I did write it about you after all.” You said before you ended the call.

What other turtle could say that he had a love song written about him. The music video popped up one his feed, the title immediately caught his eye.


Raphael smiled as your voice filled his ears once again. And once again, it ended the same way. His heart was doing back flips in his chest…

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Not a prompt just a thing, Virgil feels like shit after he has his first panic attack around the other sides and they do that thing that was floating around awhile ago "hug it away" or something so the other side hugs him to get him to stop asnd Virgil just fucking decks him and runs and he feels like they're back to square one after that, they all probably hate him and think he's dangerous again so he hides himself in his room

i just have the image of roman coming in for a hug and instead getting a fist to the chin and virgil just bOLTS

and of course, virgil is in his room trying to calm himself down, but he can’t stop thinking about how much they must all hate him now and how much roman must hate, and they’d been making so much good progress with becoming friends, too! and virgil can’t think of any reason that any of them would forgive him aND-

there’s a knock on his door. virgil barely hears it, but even though he does hear it he doesn’t get up to open the door. it’s probably roman coming to yell at him or show him the awful bruise on his “beautiful face”

but, the other three end up sinking down and popping up in his room, anyway. why do they even bother with locks? this is very annoying.

virgil expects them all to question him or try to get in his personal space again, and he definitely is waiting for roman’s lecture. but that never comes. patton and logan take seats on either side of virgil’s bed, and roman plops down in a chair by virgil’s (very elaborate and gothic…) desk. and then patton just brings up a random story he heard about a penguin. and roman and logan join in, and they treat it like a normal event, like it’s just another day. and eventually, virgil is comfortable enough again to speak, and they listen to him and include him in their conversations. 

they know they can’t just ignore the panic attack forever, and virgil still doesn’t look roman in the eye, but for now they’re content laughing over a video of a raccoon trying to get a peanut butter jar off it’s head.

i know you said this isn’t a prompt but i just ran with it WHOOPS

Miracles Are Made (D.O) pt2

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Type: Fluff

Request: Yeeeesss please make a part 2 of Kyungsoo and Danyool💓🤗

Omg i wanna know what happened to Kyungsoo and Danyool😭😂 did they adopt him? Did they have the child she was pregnant with?? Ahh so good!!👌

Miracles are Made should definitely have a second part…just to wrap it up :) your writing is such a pleasure to read! Admin fighting!

Could you please (if you have the time of course ) do a pt.2 of miricales are made (D.O) it was so sweet😍😍 and I really want to see Kyungsoo and Danyool interact with each other if possible🙈 I really love your blog and I hope you have a good day❤(sorry for my bad english)

~your English is fine don’t worry! ~

Part 1

“Kyungsoo-” you say as you looked at the large box that was sitting in the living room. “Babe, I know it seems like a lot but it’s $5, it’s gonna look awesome in Danyool’s room” he told you as he opened the package revealing a 3D space print. “You know we have to start the nursery soon babe. I’m nearly 8 months” you say as he stands up pressing a kiss onto your lips quieting you “don’t worry honey” you were told. “I’m just getting a crib, she’s sleeping in our room” he says. “Now sit down and let daddy worry about getting the last touches together for our son and then once that is done. I promise I will get a crib for my future princess” he promised. 

Danyool loved space which meant Kyungsoo was going to make it perfect which included a spaceship bed. He was really going into the whole space thing. You on the other hand wanted simple space themed bedding for your little boy but that wasn’t good enough. Kyungsoo had an image in mind and he was going to keep it for his future son.


“Why do I have to get dressed up?” you whined as your husband pulled up your maternity jeans. “They’re dropping our son off today. We should welcome him in style” he comments as you groan. “I hurt Kyungsoo-” “you haven’t acted once like you want Danyool” he told you as you looked shocked by his words “do you not want him? Is that it?” he asked “Kyungsoo it’s not like that. It be like me saying you don’t care about Nami. You haven’t devoted much time to her either” you say as he looks at your belly. He sighed as he simply grabbed one of his shirts and slid it onto you, he pressed a kiss lightly onto your cheek as he wrapped his hands around your body as he rubbed your large stomach. “She means so much to me” he promised “Danyool means a lot to me even if I don’t express it” you promise as he nodded. “Come on” he says as he sat you down on the couch.

You two waited quietly before the bell rang and Kyungsoo quickly got up. He unlocked the door asnd rushed to it. “Kyungsoo” Danyool called as Kyungsoo bend down and quickly took the little boy into his arms. They stayed in the embrace for a few before he lifted Danyool up. “Danyool you don’t have to call me Kyungsoo anymore. I’m your dad” he told his now son as he stroked his son’s hair. He waved off the lady who even left Danyool’s car seat. “Y/N is mom now too okay. She’s really big right now” he says as Danyool nodded.


You laid in bed as a soft bounce happened “shh they’re sleeping” you heard your husband who looked over at you. “They?” a little voice asked “your little sister is in there” Kyungsoo told him as two heads lightly laid against your stomach “she’s gonna be here soon too. Do you want to help me put a crib together? Mom wants a nursery, I think when sissy gets bigger you and me can work on it” Kyungsoo says as your hand lightly stroked his head as it was the closest one.


“How did she get in there?” Danyool asked as you two sat at the table while Kyungsoo made breakfast. “Dad did it” you said “why? That’s mean, she looks too big in there” he says as you were a bit wide now. “She’s coming out soon don’t worry” you tell him. “Are you going to love her more than me?” he asked as Kyungsoo began making his way out but wanted to listen to what you would say. “Why would we do that?” you asked him “I am not your baby” he comments “you’re right, you’re not my baby” you say as Danyool looked sad “you’re my big boy” you say as you smile.

“You know we love you right?” you asked “your dad told me before we met you that the perfect child would pick us before we knew” you start “then we would fall in love with them and want nothing more than to have them in our lives” you then say. “Dad made that happen” you winked as Kyungsoo smiled and walked over to you putting breakfast down in front of you two. “Ketchup. Danyool likes ketchup” you remind Kyungsoo who made a sound and rushed off to the kitchen picking up the ketchup and a cute little cup with a children show on it and headed out. “Mango juice because you like it so much” Kyungsoo said as he put ketchup onto the eggs in front of him.


“Why is she yelling?” Danyool asked as he was being entertained by his now Uncle Minseok “babies hurt” he said simply “why would dad put her in there then if she hurt mom?” Danyool said as Minseok sat there and thought about it “because your parents wanted a baby. But they had it hard, they weren’t given a great power to do that” “dad has super powers?” “Not the point but yes, I’ll show you then” he said pulling his phone out as he soon turned on, one of the many music videos. He took off his headphones and put them on Danyool so he didn’t have to hear the yells and screams of the maternity ward.


“She’s tiny. Why did she take up so much space?” Danyool asked as he sat on the bed beside you. “She’s bigger than you think” you say, your daughter was small but still a large object to push out. “Nami?” he asked as you nodded. “She’s your sister” you continue as he nods “keep her safe” you tell “that’s my job?” he asked as you nodded. “Until she can do it herself she needs her big brother” you tell him. “Okay I’ll do my best” he says as you smiled largely. “Guys we have company” Kyungsoo says as the boys began piling into the room. “I’ll keep her safe” he told his dad as Kyungsoo smiled rubbing his back lightly.


Kyungsoo smiled as his daughter’s eyes opened as she drank from a bottle for the first time. He was getting to bond with her like you did. “Why does mom put her under her shirt if she’s eating?” Kyungsoo looked up from Nami to see Danyool watching “it’s different. Mommy makes milk and baby normally get it fresh from the source but mom had a doctors appointment this morning so I have to feed her” Kyungsoo comments “do you make milk?” Danyool then asked “no men normally don’t” Kyungsoo explained. “Must be her superpower” Danyool mumbles to himself as Kyungsoo smiles “come hold the bottle” he says as Danyool scoots closer.

Kyungsoo shifted her a little as Danyool took hold of the bottle. The room was silent well expect for the sounds your daughter normally made while she ate. “She’s hungry” Danyool informs as the breast milk was disappearing quickly. “She can eat as much as she wants” Kyungsoo hummed to his son as he was soon leaned on by him so he could inspect his little sister more. “She’s cute right?” Kyungsoo asked as Danyool nodded “keep her safe okay?” Kyungsoo asked as Danyool nodded. “She’ll be strong if she eats lots and drinks milk” Danyool explained to her more than him. “Mom makes good food” he continued as he began explaining life to the 2 month old. You could really tell that they weren’t brother and sister biologically but it didn’t matter because they really had the brother sister bond anyways. Something you and Kyungsoo were so proud of. You couldn’t ask for more from a family than what you have gotten, the blessings were perfectly timed and now that you had your family neither you or Kyungsoo wanted anything to change from what you have gotten.

Tie Me Up


newtsslut: Please write smut with scorch trails scenario . About the part when newt wore a scarf around his neck . Just something about it How he ties up the girl with it or more like that

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