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tbh i can see homeworld running low on resources, but at the same time, it would make sense if the diamonds did lie to lower ranked gems abt dwindling resources asnd that they dont have powers as a result. if i remember correctly, wasnt homeworld just like, terrified by the crystal gems bc they were actually winning? so like, the diamonds realized how much danger they would be in if there was another rebellion (and if u combine it w/ smaller resources - even more sense tbh)

Yeah, a little column a and a little column b for that entire situation and why Peridot is the way she is and thinks the way she thinks is for me very plausible. 


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Okay but remember how you wrote the Nagisa/makoto tickle fanfiction? Now think about yandere makoto from the ova. Nagisa pranks him with something funny, like putting glitter in his shampoo and makoto waits until he can get nagisa alone, and it's just silent asnd smiling makoto, cornering nagisa who tries to laugh it off. And makoto just pins him down and uses all his tickle technics making nagisa scream and whimper and beg makoto for mercy. I just love ticklish nagisa and yandere makoto XD

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aaahh but that sounds adorable, I agree the idea of (yandere) Makoto tickling Nagisa iiis very cute haha let me file this away for future uses *hehehe* Makoto as a tickle monster is justttt *blush* o///o wahhh~