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I'm not sure if anyone has asked this but your Top 5 fictional kdrama OTP? And Top 5 Second Lead Syndrome?

Top 5 kdrama OTPs

I’m a casual shipper, I mean, of course, I root for couples that I like but it’s always really calm and I don’t really get obsessed with them. However, I have one couple to which I developed a ridiculous emotional attachment and it gives us a number one OTP aka king of all OTPs SoSoo!

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Other pairings didn’t crawl under my skin but I genuinely like them and enjoyed their dynamics while watching dramas.

2. Oh Ri Jin and Cha Do Hyeon

It was my first kdrama that was set in modern times and firstly I thought how ridiculous it was but then I got so into it and was rooting for the main couple so much. I just love when two people help each other to grow and bring each other real comfort.

3. Kang Joo Eun and Kim Yeong Ho

They were so cute together, especially after the reunion, the ultimate fluff.

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4. The Princess’ Man

I’m sorry but how can I resist Joseon era Romeo and Juliet?

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5. Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo

This is also an answer to your second question. I almost have no second lead syndromes but this hit me so hard. I can’t even call him a second lead bc the first part of the drama was mainly about him and the female lead. They were so doomed and so epic and I couldn’t stomach immature Ta Hwan (sorry guys, I know many of us love him). Also, idk why korean tv is so good at portraying extremely controversial Goryeo Wang dynasty kings in dramas.

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Alphas/betas/omegas all have different rooms for when they learn secondary gender sex Ed in high school, but that doesn't stop the classes being assholes to each other. Young Alphas puffing their chests out and dropping collars on classmates desks. Suddenly overstepping with class omegas (arms round shoulders, pulling them onto their lap at lunch, shitty jokes in the changing rooms).

Ohhh. Asnd there goes my brain, wrapping itself up in this idea and running off with it. Just as i have yo get back to work too… but yes. I like it. “They never tell you that learning how you’re different makes some people act like assholes.”

(Note: If I don’t respond to your ask it probably means I’m holding onto it to write for it, not that I don’t like it/didn’t see it. This one just drop kicked my brain into action right away)


the endless list of stunning female characters: Blanche DuBois (“A Streetcar named Desire”, 1995)

I never was hard or self-sufficient enough. When people are soft — soft people have got to shimmer and glow — they’ve got to put on soft colors, the colors of butterfly wings, and put a paper lantern over the light. It isn’t enough to be soft. You’ve got to be soft and attractive. And I’m fading now! I don’t know how much longer I can turn the trick.
Icarus - Chapter 4 - Crollalanza - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Ch 4 - Why was I never good enough?
Ship: IwaOi
Characters: Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi family, Oikawa family
Tags: College, graduation
A/N: sorry for the delay in updating. I was away from home asnd wifi blocked A03!


The horizon had been before them, the sun bright as they ventured towards their future. At Junior High, all Hajime had worried about was whether Tooru would burn out, whether he’d fly too close to the sun and collapse into a sea of despair.

With Oikawa at university, and Hajime repeating a year, it should be possible for them to remain together. The distance is nothing to a pair who’ve been friends for years.

However when he doesn’t return to Seijou, but to the one school - and the one Setter - Tooru’s never liked, their future looks to have snapped under the weight of history and perpetual arguments.

And now Hajime feels he’s the one with wings of wood and wax, skeltering downwards, while Tooru flies on - not looking back.

This is the final part of the Philos series.


The journey to Little Tykes seems to take far longer in silence. Hajime thinks about asking his mum to switch the radio on, or even leaning through the gap between the two front seats and turning it on himself, but that would involve movement. But movement might make his parents think now is the time to talk.

And it isn’t.

Hajime’s not even sure what’s left to talk about. Yeah, there’s always the idea that he should aim lower, be pleased with what he managed to achieve (as the Principal so kindly put it) and work with what he’s already got, but to Hajime it all smacks of failure and standing still.

His mum is pushing her head into the headrest. She looks tired and her hand has been over her mouth as if to stifle a yawn for most of the afternoon, now he thinks about it. As the Spring sunshine catches her face through the window, she closes her eyes. He can see a faint smudge of eyeshadow glittering on her lids,yet another sign that she’d made an effort. Switching shifts, both his parents were determined to take this to the wire, argue Hajime’s case and leave no avenue unexplored.

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Hey don't feel like deleting your blog! I really like it as well! -you post a good amount of stuff like not nothing so we keep up to date but als not a spamming much amount , I personally really like that! I also love VIXX and BTS so we have that in common - Jin and Leo are the best as well <3

asnd;fjlk oh gosh ;~~; thanks a lot anon! i’m really glad you enjoy my blog even though it’s a mess lmao. ahh… if anything i think i’ll just leave this blog as an archive blog soon or just post once in a while since i made a new one. i love vixx and bts as well ;; thanks for loving jin and leo haha. 


but if you were there and see something you did reblog it and say what you diD

the ones i remember are @purrsiacat @scrumptiousbagel @snazzylime @bumble-bunny mYsElf and i think that’s all i remember- (EDIT: I COUKD HAVE SWORN I TYPED @lavender-sans WHAT THE HECK- but yeahH that IS ALL I REMEMBER NOW)

I stumbled upon a fire that broke out in Downtown Brooklyn. A man saw my camera asnd asked, “ who I was photographing for?” I told him myself. 

He told me that I just witnessed a crime scene, suggesting that the fire was some type of arson. I wonder if he was on to something? #35mmfilm


the ship name is “marry” js :D

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