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the ones i remember are @purrsiacat @scrumptiousbagel @snazzylime @bumble-bunny mYsElf and i think that’s all i remember- (EDIT: I COUKD HAVE SWORN I TYPED @lavender-sans WHAT THE HECK- but yeahH that IS ALL I REMEMBER NOW)


Happy Birthday kigichi <3

You are one of the sweetest people I know. You’re so kind and funny and lovely and you have an amazing kitty. (THE CUTEST) 

You are such an amazing friend and I’m so goddamn lucky to have met you. I love you a lot and I hope you had an AMAZING birthday, because you deserve the best. <3

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ragor-da-warboss-and-co  asked:

I hate to tell ya dis Gorgutz iz dead sone git got lucky asnd stabbed him in da head im the new boss come on il make ya some hot chocolate.

It’d been a strange day already, everyone seemed even more aggressive and on edge than usual. She’d kept out of the way to avoid any hassle, carrying things about and running some errands.

It wasn’t until someone was blocking her path she realized something was off, she’d only ever seen this guy when Gorgutz was up to someting. Why was he here now?

Once the news he’d been broken the bundles of sticks dropped from her arms. She knew Gorgutz took risks but to end up dead was unreasonable “D-dead? No.. He can’t be dead. I just saw him earlier today.”


Stormy night in Elysian Fields… clip from ASND - Blanche in Brooklyn!

I’ve been gradually training myself out of the Internet Cool Guy mentality that’s been ingrained in me since my early teens, where the coolest people are the ones who can be the snarkiest and most apathetic while simultaneously giving unsolicited feedback on the actions and behavior of others, asnd honestly it’s great to not be doing that anymore, I actually feel like a complete human being instead of a walking pile of cynicism pasted together with jokes


Patrick MacNee (February 6, 1922 – June 25, 2015) Actor best known for portraying John Steed in the various incarnations of “The Avengers” on television. 

His other television appearances were in “Alias Smith and Jones“, ‘Hart to Hart“, “Murder, She Wrote“, and “The Love Boat“, “The Twilight Zone“, the original “Battlestar Galactica“, “Columbo“, “Magnum, P.I.“ and had a recurring role in “Gavilan“.