Her fingers curled around the rather dainty bracelet that she had not worn in many years. Delicate fingers trailing over the small scratches and scuff marks, over the faded tiny messages on his flattened underside.

She squinted, sitting atop one of the few highest points over the city as the sun, in all its warmth and constant, rose and lashed the dark landscape with ribbons of light and brought the soft clouds into a brilliant life. suddenly the darkness and cold danced with warming purples and pinks, merging with oranges and yellows and reds. It was truly a beautiful morning.

She hadnt sat and watched a sunrise in such a long time…watching how the edges of buildings and shapes was lit up and created their own little worlds within worlds as the sounds of city life rose up from the dead.

Her lips had the smallest hum and a sweet song she hadnt shared since the good old days, when her wings were shallow and small and her mark on the world was oh so very small. Sometimes, on days like this. She missed those days…Which caught her off guard. 

She found a gasp in her ordained throat, slender fingers curling up to touch her ruby lips, nails ever so slightly following the curve of their form.Golden,brilliant eyes glanced down, once more to the braclet that had almost a soul of its own.

She had been so small, so petite and ghostly. The one that was in the background of all images and stories because that was her place back then. Sometimes she missed that simple life.

Her eyes glanced sunward - watching as the slow warm fingers of life took a gentle hold of all they touched… It reminded her so much of her old home. Of how it used to be.

A ray glanced across her pale cheek almost like a knife, her hand and fingers tracing the shape they made as her brilliance was looked upon once more by the morning sun.

The gold and silver that lined her perfect features almost brought her to life again. Gem laden hair and preened feathers danced in the soft breeze - she was perfection, beautiful perfection wrought forth from humility and the quiet. She would tell no lie that she was the very best of all the worlds. nothing could not look upon her and not think of perfection, and those that didnt did not exist anymore.

The sun beamed down on her like a favourite child. Her silks and ribbons and feathers fluttering around her in the breeze, slender legs crossed over the edge like a prim and proper lady.Nothing less would be acceptable.

Her pert bossum heaved, breathing in the air that wasnt needed into the lungs that didnt matter - rekindling a sensation that she hadnt had in such an age, chilling breath escaping past hot red lips and eyelids fluttering open. The realization was almost too painful as she faced skyward.

She was lonely, and it scared her.

Her hands moved to clasp at her medallion, that held itself just perfectly above her cleavage, and found herself hunching forward, the bracelet snaked inbetween her fingers as both were held in a grip that was so strange upon her sweet fingers.

No one else could behold her token, no one else was good enough for him, for it - 

She held it all in, the sudden overwhelming sadness, the sudden rage and the sudden realization that.

She was not perfect. She was not okay and she was not…herself.

The sun beamed down on her, warming her cold skin and the metals she encased herself with to become perfection, and she softened.

She rose, returning to a lady-like sitting position. Her hands moved down to her feather-frilled lap. Focussing her mind in reality, trying to not let those fears ruin her-

and it was only with the help of the sun, that a stray ray of light made the old silver glitter, and caught her shimmering eyes downward.

And it returned her smile, he complexion almost shifting with the tide to the perfect porcelain doll that she almost was.

and the smallest, daintiest faded writing reminded her that not all was lost.

’  Perfect to me = Amon ‘ 

She pushed forth from the cliff, dissapearing downward and following the grounds curve towards the city.

She would be alright.