An observation in City of Heavenly Fire. . .

In City of Heavenly Fire, before summoning Asmodeus:

“There are worse things than death,” Magnus said. 

“Maybe you should let us be the judge of that,” said Alec, and Magnus scrubbed a despairing hand across his face and said, “Dear God. Alexander, I have gone my whole life without ever taking recourse to this path, save once, when I learned my lesson. It is not a lesson I want the rest of you to learn.”
“But you’re alive,” said Clary. “You lived through the lesson.”
Magnus smiled an awful smile. “It wouldn’t be much of a lesson if I hadn’t,” he said. “But I was duly warned. Playing dice with my own life is one thing; playing with all of yours—”

In City of Heavenly Fire, after summoning Asmodeus:

The man smiled. His front teeth were sharp, pointed like feline teeth. “My son,” he said. “It has been a long time since you called on me. I was beginning to despair that you ever would again.” 

“I hadn’t planned to,” Magnus said dryly.

“I called on you once, to determine that you were my father. That once was enough.”

Did everybody just forget this? Isn’t anyone the slightest bit curious about how Magnus learned his “lesson”? Does no one else wonder what Asmodeus could have done?

I mean, did Asmodeus make Magnus bargain with him to be able to escape with his life, and cause something terrible? Did he try to force Magnus into freely giving up his immortality? If he did, what did Asmodeus do? Did he torture Magnus? Did he kill somebody he loved? What is going on with these paragraphs???

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Demon Guide - Asmodai and Asmodeus

We’ve been posting guides to angels and articles on angels for a few months here at MPV, and we’ll continue to do so since there’s lots of information left in that topic. However, let’s get back to demons for a bit. We’ve done an article in the past on an individual demon and we’d like to expand that into a series. We can’t write about every demon in lore (not enough hours in our day), but we’d like to focus on demons we’ve had experiences with and write them up in a way that educates everybody about general demon topics as well as the specific demon.

So, Asmodai. Asmodai’s kind of a big deal. He’s one of the demons you can find the most information on and is mentioned from time to time, either by that name or as Asmodeus, in quite a lot of popular culture. He’s pretty popular to work with due to his celebrity status, and there are also many lessons he can teach that are crucial for any demonolator to learn.

Both of us at Merkavah Party Van have experience with Asmodai. Da'at’s known him for about ten years now and has done many demonolatrous workings with him - some to accomplish specific goals, some simply rituals in tribute. Tif has worked with him for seven years from a christopagan perspective.

Because he’s so famous, Asmodai is very easily researched. For this reason we’re not going to do a retread of his doings and details in historical writings and grimoires. Most of those are just a google away for you. Instead, there’ll be a list of different sources you can read about Asmodai at the end of the article. From here on out, we’re going to write about what we’ve learned from our personal experience with Asmodai.

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So I just came across the greatest discovery in all of man kind: the Chinese version of Redwall. Apparently it comes with this insert page of a bunch of “character art” and I’ve been losing my mind over this for like 20 minutes. I mean check this shit out:

1). Long-lost 5th musketeer Matthias

2). ancient Hermit Methuselah

3) Fully-armored, comically over-sized carrot-cannon wielding Basil


5) actual-miner Foremole (equipped with rubber rain boots, no less!)

6) Holy-fucking-anime-eyes Cornflower

7). Actual clip-art Silent Sam

8). Punk-rock-bike-messenger Warbeak

9). what I assume is supposed to be Cluny due to the eye-patch (though it looks like some weird ferret thing) equipped with cowboy boots!

10). I don’t even know who this one is supposed to be, but obviously Cluny’s crew were all shady gangsters. But I’m saving the best two for last…



12). BOOM! fuckin sunglasses wearing Asmodeus! cuz nothing says “death incarnate” like a pair of sweet-ass shades

God I love the internet