“Careless love” - A$MVTIC

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Day 26 - Living it up in the big city

Wild time. I am having a wild time. I absolutely lived it up today with a trip to the museum, a ride on the tourist bus, a walk around a market and a spot of antiquing. Crazy. Crazy times.

The national museum is a short walk from my hotel and a kinda huge place to explore. They have so much beautiful and interesting stuff from all over the archipelago. Ancient pottery, SE Asian ceramics, a courtyard full of Hindu and Buddhist statues, a room showing traditional housing from different ethnic groups, a textiles display, clothing, woven goods, weapons, cultural items…. It was kind of mind boggling. After a bit you realise that you’ve just got to let some of this stuff just wash over you, because there’s no way to remember everything.

I actually arrived on a day when a group of kids were performing a musical theatre style thing about a creation fable of the Asmat people of Papua. So cute to see the kids dressed up as birds and dancing on stage.

I saw the first half of the museum afterwards, then stopped for a restorative coffee and got into a lovely long chat with a local woman. These chats are wonderful as soon as we get off the topic of my singleness and onto something a bit more interesting. Like politics.

Then, off to the second half of the museum. This part was a little less of a melange of everything and a bit more spacious. And airconned. Bless. I saw a skull of homo floresensis, and more metal work and household goods and also examples of ancient writings.

All in all a thoroughly delightful museum and well worth the time spent in there.

Stepped outside and bang on cue the free tourist bus arrived. So I rode it to Pasar Baru - one of Jakarta’s oldest markets. Fabric and clothing. Lots of fabric and clothing. I wandered there for a bit, bought a late lunch and headed back to the tourist bus.

This time I rode it all the way along until the terminal, and from there I took a long peaceful walk along a quiet road full of embassies and the houses of very important people.

I was aiming to get to Pasar Surabaya, which is an antiques market. Or maybe ‘antiques’. I don’t really have the knowledge to tell the difference. I was mostly just looking for something pretty that appealed to me.

But it had the sort of sellers I hate. The ones who keep on wanting to show you stuff and more stuff and pull out objects and want to know where you’re from and what you’re looking for. Ack! I don’t know what I’m looking for until I see it.