how to make your sophomore slump the comeback of the year

i don’t know if any of you are familiar with this fall out boy song but you can listen to it here because it’s a really fun tune

when i was in year 11 (my sophomore year of high school), i completely bottomed out. i won’t go into details but i was basically homeless for a while, struggled with massive anxiety and my motivation was just kaput - i’d been aiming for cambridge university before this point in time and it’s safe to say my gcse grades did not match up with this goal. i got mostly c’s and b’s with one a in art, and my self-confidence was shot.

my grades never recovered to where they were before, i’ve only started to truly study in these last few months which was already too late for my art exam results which sadly are very low and might even impact my chances of getting into my dream uni unless i turn it around…luckily, i plan to - having made the leap from a c grade at gcse english to a high-end a at as level, i’m more than confident that i can use the skills i’ve learnt this year to make my final grades for next year into something that’ll get me a place on my dream course

and here is what i recommend!

  • at the start of the new term, make sure you have everything you could possibly need and more, i’m talking a decent notebook for each subject you’re taking, a device that’ll let you type up documents, a desk/study-space available for everyday use, pens that are good to write with, sticky notes, flashcards and highlighters (plus any course textbooks)
  • get a damn bullet journal and use it! this things changed my fricking life, i have never been more organised 
  • plan your time. if you’re a procrastinator, print off a weekly or monthly planner (here are some good ones) and schedule exactly when all your extra curricular activities are, when you eat, when you sleep, when you’re at work, etc. colour code if you want, make sure any blank spaces are obvious and you can assign these blank spots times to study!
  • start your homework/studying as soon as you get home. it gets harder for every minute you spend flopped on the sofa. get in, fix yourself a snack and drink, go to your study space and get your darn homework out
  • if you don’t understand something, ask and ask and ask until you know it for sure! the teacher is there to teach, the only one who’s losing out from not nagging for answers is you!
  • take messy notes at school, then come home and rewrite them/type them up in a format you can understand that’s neat and can be filed - this will help cement your memories of the subject
  • get. a. study. buddy. find them in this community if you must, there’s directories everywhere i look (see here) and get them to help you, study with you, interact with you on a purely educational basis. 
  • getting bored? wash your face and go drink some water, put some handcream on or file your nails, then carry on until you’re at a point where you can stop for the day and not feel guilty that you didn’t get everything done
  • PRACTICE TESTS ARE YOUR GOD. find the mark schemes and past papers online (ocr / edexcel / aqa) and go to frickin town
  • write flash cards, learn them, bin them, rewrite them, learn again, repeat this process. constantly be creating the memory of writing it out, don’t just learn the sentence on the page. find new ways to rewrite what you mean.
  • listen to white noise, asmr, or nature sounds when you study - not music. i know it psychs you up, but you listen to the music more than the actual work.
  • make revision posters, stick them in inconvenient places and move them around all the time. don’t get used to them in the same place, put them under the loo seat lid, put them above your bed at night, put them on the fridge, on the washing machine door, on your mirror, EVERYWHERE.
  • if your school offers after-school revision sessions, attend them. trust me. i didn’t and i hate myself for it.
  • holidays are a great time to unwind but don’t just stop doing work altogether, engage in little projects you really enjoy so you don’t get adjusted to slobbing around doing nothing

and that’s it for now folks, please feel free to message me anytime for any advice ever - i can give you my personal email, find you more sources, show you my old notes, write a complete to-do list and stationary list for you, consider me your tool!

all the best and lots of love x


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And the answer is: ALLAH!

Welcome to the new series: How to live by the Names of Allah!
Today we reveal the first Name we will memorize, understand and implement in our lives: ALLAH.

Our motives for studying the Names of Allah

Every day we will choose one of the Beautiful Names of Allah [swt] to memorize and discuss its influence on our life.

Our goals of Memorizing & Understanding the 99 Names, one by one:

To get closer to Allah [swt] through this Name;
To link every second of our life to the Most Beautiful Names of Allah [swt];
To know Allah and consequently love Him, fear Him obey His orders and submit to His decree;
To understand the Names of Allah [swt] with our heart;
By knowing Allah [swt] we will try to perfect all our deeds.
If we know Allah [swt] we will know the purpose of our life!

The Meaning of the Name ‘Allah’

The word Allah means “the Being Who comprises all the attributes of perfection”, the Being Who possesses the best and the noblest qualities imaginable in the highest degree. This is supported by the Quran:
“His are the best (or most beautiful) names.” (17:110; 20:8; and 7:180)

Allah is a proper name, not derived from anything and the Al is inseparable from it. The word al-ilah (the god) is a different word.
The word Allah is unique and it is the Name which refers to the Being Himself as His personal name.

Amazing Facts about the Name ‘Allah’ :

– The Name ‘Allah’ is the only Name of Allah, the rest are all Attributes!

– The first and the last Word of the Adhan is ‘Allah’..

– The first word of Salah is ‘Allah’..

– In a typical Salah [namaz], the word that comes most is ‘Allah’..

– The beginning of our life starts with ‘Allah’ (the adhan)..

– and the end of our life should be..’la ilaha illa Allah’..!

So remember, the first Name we memorize, understand and live by is:



Makers in order form top image to bottom image:

First maker: Mixed Candy; FA page: ; Sources: ; ; Character: Unknown

Second maker: Phoenix Wolf Suits ; FA page: ; Sources: ; ; Character: Nux the Marbled Polecat

Third Maker: The Fur Collective ; FA Page: ; Sources: ; ; Character: Unknown

Fourth Maker: GoldCat ; Sources: ; ; Character: Douglas

Fifth Maker: Beetlecat Originals ; FA page: ; Sources: ; ; Character: Unknown

Sixth maker: Don’tHugCacti ; FA page: ; Sources: ; Character: C’mere

Seventh Maker: Made Fur You ; FA page: ; Sources ; ; Character: Unknown ( I couldn’t find it on their page, the thumbnails are so small)

Eighth maker: Autumn Fallings : FA page: ; Sources: ; Character: Unknown(I couldn’t get to the Autumn Fallings page, it just kept refreshing)

Ninth Maker: : FA page: ; Sources: ; ; Character: Bacon

Tenth Maker: Don’tHugCacti : FA page: ; Sources: ; Character: Unknown

I have delivered on my promise and have cited the makers and the sources for my images. So you won’t have to ask me,”CAN YOU PLEASE CITE THE MAKERS I WANT TO KNOW WHO MAKES THE SUITS”.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed.

Last month was AWESOME!!!

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For Siel Asmos, today was a victory!

After quite a bit of fighting and a lot of perseverance, we took Krotan!

If you are of these people in LFG who is wondering “what’s the big deal? sure you got a fort, but why the ruckus?”

A lot of people are in shock because they didn’t realize what was the true value of the UA (Upper Abyss) forts.
There are instances (that reset daily) inside those forts. These forts give AP, goodies, and medals.

Asmos do not have a good track record when it comes to utilizing the content from forts, but the Elyos are the opposite. Lots of people have wondered what the Elyos’ secret to getting geared was. There really was no secret. It’s just people didn’t care, were too busy with GP, or didn’t realize what the forts actually held.

Let’s change that track record. If you are level 61 or higher, run the Barracks. It’s a once a day instance (no reset scrolls if I remember right) that can do a lot to help people who need help getting AP or are working towards better gear. It is not a hard instance at all (I as a chanter have solo healed it several times), and only takes about 15-20minutes to run.
The final boss is a lot like Satra.
Be careful not to enter through the symbol that covers the door to his room until your group is ready.

Fandom Ambient Noise Videos

Harry Potter

Game of Thrones

Doctor Who


I know that a lot of people like to listen to music while studying, but sometimes you just want to chill out with ambient sounds, which is why I compiled a list. You can also sleep to these, so enjoy!


  • rainymood (x)
  • (x)
  • ocean-mood (x)
  • moodturn (x)
  • asoftmurmur ()


  • ravenclaw common room (x)
  • gryffindor common room (x)
  • hufflepuff common room (x)
  • hagrid’s hut (x)
  • snowstorm (x)