To those in theater positions

Me and my friend are soon to be bringing our show to Off-Broadway!

As our show is about bringing together people from different paths of life, we have decided to take to tumblr to fill our crew positions. If you have an interest of being in the crew of an Off-Broadway, touring, and hopefully Broadway show, fill out this form below!

If you are an actor/actress or dancer, you can email to be the first to receive information about casting and audition information.

I’m a college freshman. I work on the stage crew for the opera house at my university. This opera house is state of the art and comparable to the Met. On Friday, the executive director of production (who somehow remembered me from a tour he gave me of the building in August) pulled me aside and offered me a paid ASM gig for the next ballet. I am a college freshman and I have a paid ASM gig for a ballet at a state of the art opera house. I’m in shock and I am so excited!

ASM: Hey, Your Godliness? [Lead Actress] is freaking out because she can’t remember one of her lines out of *pointedly, louder* the entire play and her four monologues that she’s got memorized perfectly. So she wants us to find and cast an understudy.

SM: Hahaha, n-

ASM: So that means get on up there SM, it’s star time


*Submitted by  scripturient-manipulator