I feel like a lot of the problems pervading the writing of Mary Jane in the comics and in other media is that for a certain older generation and a certain younger generation of fans they are either ignorant or intolerant of her origin story from ASM #259.

As in they see MJ stuck in Romita Silver Age mode or Michelinie 90s mode or post-OMD mode and they don’t get that that backstory about her home life, her facade and her committment/responsibility issues are a key componenet tot he character.

Even in stories where it isn’t brought up like say JMS’ ASm issues when you know about it it colours how you see the character and takes her to a different level. 

Because in the context of that backstory suddenly all complaints of her and Peter not jiving together evaporate since the backstory very closely connects them thematically in ways I honestly cannot believe most writers at Marvel are ignorant enough to not recognize. 

And it gives her a new level of badassery because you see how she would be able to be strong enough to handle all this crazy stuff and what a big deal it was to just be with Peter day after day.

But a lot of people  don’t know or dismiss that backstory from the character which immediately shifts how she comes across.

And to those who dismiss it I honestly think it comes from a place of nostalgia for the silver age, cynicism over anyone having a rough home life as a backstory, being a Gwen stan an agenda against the character or frankly because it makes her more of a fully fledged character and therefore less of the fuckable pin up character she superficially seemed like in the Silver Age to everyone not really paying attention


We copied a move — size and frame and footstep for footstep — from Buster Keaton, where he grabs a moving car. I studied it frame by frame and realized how he did it and emulated that exactly,” - Andy Armstrong