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Tru Elliot | Age: 18 | Condition: Opium Addict | FC: Ezra Miller | OPEN

Tru Elliot has always been interesting. He’s moderately intelligent, entirely clever, and always disturbed. Since his childhood in Freedom Land (with his Grandmother being the first generation of his family to come to Freedom Land), Tru had been a black sheep mystery. He had grown up with a father too calm for his wellbeing, a mother too stressed for her wellbeing, and a brother, calmly normal. Tru, despite his suffering with depression-induced rage blackouts and axiety, lived a generally average life until the demise of his mother and father in a fatal crash, his grandmother becoming the legal guardian of both him and his younger brother. In this fatal accident, he shattered his tibia, leaving him in horrendous pain. For a smooth and painless recovery, he was prescribed opium, but was relived of the medication far before his pain had ended. His grandmother hated seeing him in agony and arranged for one of his cousins to stock him with opium until he fully recovered. And Tru became hooked. He continued to buy from his cousin behind his grandmother’s back for nearly a full year until she caught him stealing money from her purse. She immediately checked him into Brookhaven after seeing an advertisement on a billboard, claiming that it had been the better choice for everyone.

Charlotte “Charlie” Cossack | Age: 15 | Condition: Narcolepsy/Hypnophobia | FC: Elle Fanning | OPEN

Sleeping Beauty had it rough. She was trapped in a tower, stuck in an enchanted sleep, and perpetually awaiting her Prince Charming. Charlie had no prince on the horizon to save her. Diagnosed with narcolepsy quite young, she had never been able to keep sleep at bay when it decided to envelop her. Whether she was walking down the street or speaking in front of the class, if her brain told her to sleep, then Charlie would collapse on the spot. This restless slumber plagued her for so long that the highly intelligent girl developed an irrational fear of sleep. When she felt its numbing fingers wrapping around her, terror would wrack her small frame. When her narcolepsy wasn’t placing her in a non-rejuvenating sleep, she was forcing herself to stay awake. Her family was at a loss of what to do. They were forced to home-school her. Her physical state deteriorated, due to a lack of sleep, to the point that neighbors accused her family of neglect. A social worker came and assessed that Charlie’s parents were not suitable to care for her when her disorders were so utterly devastating. Charlie was ripped from the only place she ever felt safe. She watched helplessly as her parents sobbed while she was forcibly taken away to Brookhaven by social services. The last thing she saw was her broken mother screaming  for her child in the street before Charlie descended into one of her fits. Her eyes closed along with that chapter of her life. Knowing she will be unable to see her parents until progress is made, she is determined to let Brookhaven help her. Hopefully bitterness doesn’t permeate her consciousness or she may never overcome these obstacles.