heres a cover i did of the song ‘Waste of Space’ by therosielord!

it’s such a cool song and i hope I did it justice even though my translation is'nt that fantastic

karekathegeneticist  asked:

Uh, nothing really in particular! I really just want to learn a few simple things like; yes, no, please, thankyou, why the hell are the lines for the ladies bathrooms so long at cons?? Etc. Sadly the only two signs I know are for turtle and chicken T.T I would look online but there are so many different types of sign language!!

Well, im just going to assume you’re an American, or at least will be in America, cause that’s what ASL is. If you’re not, i suggest looking in the different sign language tags on tumblr to find someone who speaks those.

also, im only in year two of my ASL course, so if any of my followers sign, can you read this over and correct or add anything,,,

ASL is a hard language to learn and takes years of learning and practice so this is my little crash-course in it.

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