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Prompt - Sam wakes up from a nightmare and can't get back to sleep and so Cas crawls into bed next to him and cuddles him until he falls asleep (sorry, I just, I really love fluff okay, it's a problem)

(Oh cutie, as I said here, I can’t live without fluff - totally get what you mean. Btw, just the prompt itself made me squeal - it’s so cuuuuuute :3)

“No - no, this can’t be happening - Dean? DEAN? - NO!” Sam screamed himself awake, limbs flying about and voice horse by the time he’d calmed down enough to recognize his surroundings.

He fell back on the bed, breathing heavily and clenching his hands into fists, trying his best to convince himself that none of it had been real, that it was just a nightmare, that it was all over now -

Sam sobbed quietly, burying his face in the pillow in an effort to muffle the sound.

But that didn’t stop Cas from hearing him.

“Sam? Are you alright?” Cas asked gently, opening the door to Sam’s room and closing it behind him.

“I - no,” Sam whimpered, lifting himself up slightly and looking at Cas through the darkness with wet, wounded eyes. Normally Sam wouldn’t have been this weak with Cas, but Dean still hadn’t come back and going through the healing sessions with Cas to recover from Gadreel had brought the two - well, closer. Maybe closer than they’d like to admit.

“Oh, Sam,” Cas said, sitting down on the bed next to Sam and making the human lie back down, running a hand over Sam’s forehead as he did so. “It’s okay, it’s okay - whatever you saw, it’s not coming. It won’t happen.”

“I know, but it - it was bad, Cas,” Sam whispered, trying to curl himself up into a ball.

“Hey, hey” Cas said softly, lying down next to Sam and letting Sam curl around him, rubbing circles into Sam’s back with his hand and making shushing noises in Sam’s ear. “I’m here, I’m here. And there’s nothing to fear.”

Sam clung to the angel, letting Cas murmur nonsense and rock him back and forth, surrounding Sam with warmth, and comfort, and caring.

Sam fell asleep knowing that Cas would protect him, should anything go wrong.

He also realized, just before he drifted off, that he was definitely in love with the angel.

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