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Even though she’s sister to the almighty Chosen One, the hero who will lead the Wizarding World to victory, Delilah Potter is barely a witch.  And that’s on the good days.  

When her letter came in the mail, she was ecstatic.  When she was (sort of) kidnapped by the Weasleys, she was excited.  But when she becomes Gryffindor’s most disappointing student and her brother reveals he can talk to snakes, she’s less than enthused.  Stumbling her way through magical education, Delilah encounters a lot of misadventures that she definitely didn’t ask for - werewolves, the return of the monster who murdered her parents, and a pretentious jerk who probably keeps the hair-gel industry afloat all by his lonesome.  While Harry is off saving lives and defeating evil, Delilah is doing her best not to drown in her schoolwork.  

But then, there’s the ordeal of the Triwizard Tournament.  

And that’s when everything really goes to hell.  

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