anonymous asked:

You seem really nice and cool and I want to talk to you but I don't think we're mutuals so I would feel weird :(

ahhh, please don’t be worried about anything like that!!! 

to be honest, who i’m in mutual with on this blog is pretty much just.. kind of random, really, considering i’m the worst about forgetting to check out new blogs that follow me, so i usually just follow other graphics makers i see in the tags. the last time i did blog rates, i followed like eight new amazing blogs i had nO idea were following me in the first place, so i’m clearly not following every awesome blog there is out there!! not by a long shot. 

if you do decide that you want to chat, you’re free to message me on here, or if you have a twitter, you’re free to follow me there if you’d like, as i’m usually much more active on twitter than tumblr! i follow back all personal twitters that follow me, too, so if you’d like to get to know each other better, that might be a more conducive environment for it!! my twitter account is here.