Everyone's always talking about how Percy jumped into Tartarus for Annabeth but no one seems to remember that Jason did almost the same thing for Piper.

Page 25, line 16 of the Lost Hero (after Piper fell over the edge of the grand canyon)

Save her? Jason thought. She’s gone!

But again his instincts won. He ran to the railing, thinking, I’m a lunatic, and jumped over the side.

Then flash forward to line 25…

In a heartbeat, he caught up with Piper, who was flailing wildly. He tackled her waist and closed his eyes, waiting for death. Piper screamed. The wind whistled in Json’s ears. He wondered what dying would feel like


lmao i love my girl lexa, that girl was probably raised on ‘love is weakness’ ever since she started training as a nightblood, and then it was reinforced when costia died but honestly she literally fell in love with clarke at first sight and was the first to show her vulnerability out of the two of them and demonstrated it over and over to Clarke both before and after the betrayal, has shown total devotion and utter love, love without any strings, love just for the sake of love, toward clarke… this girl has been told love is weakness her entire life, tried so hard to internalize this, but in the end she just has so much love to give and that’s just part of who she is

“I know exactly who to use as your weakness.”


And then his face after that–

He’s absolutely sick to his stomach because he knows that Bradley has him tied up in every single way. There’s no way out of this one. He’s screwed up royally, and he’s in waaaayy over his head. Riza’s gone from his side, and can’t protect his back anymore. He can’t protect her, either. He has to keep every toe directly in line, or she gets killed.

Man. Talk about leverage. 

but guys, what about izaya based writings where izaya

  • is canonically socially impaired
  • isnt an ooc cry baby
  • isnt obsessed with strange things
  • is an actual mundane fucker (cuz he is)
  • isnt an ooc cry baby
  • isnt involved in sexual violence
  • chills the fuck out
  • isnt seen as a fucking obnoxious twat
  • doesnt cry a lot (you DO know he doesnt cry like ever right?)
  • is asexual
  • isnt an ooc cry baby
  • is a little more in character
  • in character being not a fucking loud, obnoxious prick
  • also ALSO
  • doesnt~ talk~ like~ this~~~~~~
  • because he actually graduated high school and isnt a 13 year old weaboo and his character deserves some god damn respect instead of being tarnished right and left by over addressing things he’s slightly done one time a long time ago.
  • doesnt smash cell phones

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