asleep on bed

I think taking a second comforter from the guest bedroom is one of the best ideas ive ever had. Now i sleep with 3 blankets, 3 regular pillows, and a swordfish body pillow. Its very comfy but if i ever drop something in the pile of stuff I’ll probably never find it again

Let go

Every morning he held her tightly while she lay asleep in the bed.
As she would wake up and tell him to let go as she had to go the office.
“I am not letting you go I won’t ever” he used to say everytime unless she kissed him.
“You can’t play that card forever” he said and they laughed

5 years later he finally had to as cancer took her away and she left without the kiss

All hopeless he chose drugs to rewind those moments, ultimately he chose to end his life, when he was about to jump from the top floor somebody held him tightly and suddenly he felt that same moment when he held the love of his life.

Daddy please don’t go.

Finally he realised he had someone new he couldn’t let go.

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Can I request Yen'fay for the Morgan having nightmares prompt?

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

You had long since fallen asleep before he came to bed. He had finally broken your habit of staying awake past a decent hour, and now found himself coming to bed later than you.

He was proud of that, of course, a gentle smile on his lips as he came beside you. He slipped into the futon silently, his hand brushing your cheek.

Yen’fay’s head barely touched the pillow beside you, before the sound of the doors sliding open stopped him. Morgan’s quiet sobs caught his attention, and he leaned back up, spotting the flash of white hair just like his.

“Morgan.” He spoke quietly, addressing the boy that wobbled up to your side of the futon. He sniffed loudly, looking up at Yen’fay with tears in his eyes. “My son, what is the matter?”

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Before the Sun Sets (Vasquez)

2 different anons requested this one for Vasquez, which goes to show what a perfect prompt it is for him XD

Prompt: “Are you aware that you are harboring a fugitive.” “Is that a rhetorical question?” 

    A heavy hand thumped on the front door and you jumped, startled, tentatively peeking out of the kitchen to see the outline of someone on your porch through the curtains and loud voices joined in a conversation whose words you couldn’t make out through the closed door. Then one voice stood out. “This is Sheriff Wilson; open up!”

    You cursed under your breath, darting across the living room and up the stairs to your bedroom, where Vasquez was still fast asleep, sprawled across the bed on his stomach. “Vas!” you said urgently, shaking his shoulders. He blindly reached out, wrapping an arm around your waist and trying to pull you down next to him but you resisted, pushing his arm away. “Vasquez, the sheriff is on the porch with backup- I think they know you’re here.”

    Immediately he rolled over, propelling himself out of bed and upright, pulling on the shirt that lay over the back of a chair. He grabbed his gun belt from the dresser, buckling it on as he stepped into his boots. “Did you talk to them?” he asked, checking the chambers of each gun to make sure they were loaded while you strapped on your own gun belt and grabbed a shawl to put on over your nightdress.

    “No,” you said, “Should I?”

    “Well, it would be best if we could end this without a fight, eh?” he said and you looked at him, surprised.

    “Who are you and what have you done with the Vasquez I know?”

    He chuckled. “It’s your influence. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I don’t yet know.”

    “We’ll see,” you said. “All right, you better come downstairs in case you need to run.”

    Together you crept down the stairs, Vasquez ducking down low as he retreated to the kitchen while you walked to the front door, checking over your shoulder to make sure he had made it into hiding before you opened it, just after another insistent knock. “What can I do for you, Sheriff?” you asked.

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Things sleep deprived Tim has done

- fell down the stairs in the batcave and manor.
- Argued that life forms existed on other planets all while Kon was next to him…
- Put the milk in the cupboard to Alfred’s horror.
- Almost fell off a few buildings. The boy just need bubble wrap around him.
- Tried driving a car but had no keys. He was still able to hot wire it though.
- Got convinced that Jason was still dead and he was seeing a ghost. Jason might have thought of that one.
- Slipped on a banana peel. Stephanie just wanted to see if it actually worked.
- Ate many questionable food items. His nacho and m&m creation still brings others nightmares.
- Referred to Dick as the fashion diaster.
- Chugged a whole pot of coffee like it was water.
- Fell asleep in Titus’s dog bed.

A villain quirk that doesn’t just forcefully activate another person’s quirk but AMPLIFIES IT to the point that their target suffers and is a danger to themselves and those around them

Mina starts to melt everything so much that she starts to burn herself

Kaminari in danger of permanent brain damage but no one can get close enough to help him

Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow forcing him to be in a room so full of light that he can’t even see or a room so devoid of darkness that no shadow could possibly exist

Shouji growing body part after body part after body part until the ends of his tentacles reach the opposite ends of a room and don’t even look human anymore

Kirishima unable to move because his body is so stiff to the point he can barely breathe

Midoriya, who can’t move a muscle or risk breaking his body if he even twitches and when he does he has to stay perfectly still or risk breaking more of himself

Bakugou, who has to be isolated or risk blowing up everything within a mile of him


This is the worst villain any of them could face EVER

I would rather have my girlfriend next to me hogging most of the space and stealing all the blankets than fall asleep with this whole bed to myself

Guys. GUYS!!!!

So EverythingGeek have just had a podcast with Art and Doug, and someone created a summup on Berk’s Grapevine!!!


First a couple of episode names:

Gruff Around the Edges - very comedic, focuses on Gruffnut (who is most likely the Tuffnut-lookalike from the trailer!)
Twintuition - the twins think they have developed psychic powers and start predicting the actions of the others
Dire Straits - introduces the Submaripper
Gold Rush - the dragon riders work to get back Berk’s gold
The Longest Day - takes place on the week of midnight sun, when the sun doesn’t set for an entire week, which means we get to see the riders very sleep-deprived; this is also the same episode where Hiccup and Toothless are stranded together on an island and cornered by a new dragon
Midnight Scrum - focuses on several different villains all trying to hunt Hiccup down
Shell Shocked - introduces the Shellfire (or Shell Fire?) dragon and sounds like it’s going to be a two-parter

And then they also talked about the Dragon Eye for a bit, and mentioned that the way the dragon riders find it again is going to be very unique.

Futher more:

-the dragon Hiccup and Toothless meet when they’re stranded on the island is huge, and carries other dragons on its wings
-we can look forward to “a first” with Hiccup and Astrid, taking place in an episode called Blindsided (I think that’s what they said, the connection was a bit choppy) that’s the third to last episode in the season and they say it’s well worth the wait
-new species called Fire Terrors that live on Defenders of the Wing island
-the Triple Stryke will be returning

-we can look forward to “a first” with Hiccup and Astrid, taking place in an episode called Blindsided (I think that’s what they said, the connection was a bit choppy) that’s the third to last episode in the season and they say it’s well worth the wait

it’s well worth the wait



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I live for this. Y’all don’t even understand. I love it when Hobi and Kookie get together to do dance covers.

Here’s the full video clip of our Golden Duo dancing to Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette,” and I.O.I.’s “너무 너무 너무.”

이런 게 방탄 스타일~~ ;)