asleep eidolon peppermint

^This is my adorable little tiny, named Miaka! Riding a beanie baby horse! xD She’s an Asleep Eidolon Peppermint (1/12 scale), Normal Skin pink, and a whopping 16cm tall. xD She’s definately the doll I want to carry in my pocket all day, although being a BJD nerd I know that that’d mess up her faceup and possible stain her, from my jeans fabric. D’: loooolz.
Anyway, her character is very vague. Being a cute little “child” doll, all I think of is “sweet” for her trait. I did, however, make up the fact that she admires Kira very much and loves spending time with her.
*note: Her blonde hair is going to go, by the way, once I buy her a new wig. xD The color just doesn’t suit her, although it’s a very well-made wig by MonstroDesigns on Etsy. Her shirt was also purchased on Etsy, although I forget the seller’s name. :3