asleep at heavens gate

anonymous asked:

If you have to get back to heaven, how'd you get out? Did you do something wrong?

Hoodie- Well, more like “We fxxxed up.” Me and Overcoat were the first ones ‘cause this one time, we were on guard duty for the gates to Heaven, I was asleep (humanity didn’t really feel like dying that much) and this demon in disguise went up to Overcoat. Being the idiot he is, he let the demon in, so when I woke up… Heaven was on fire. So we got the boot, as you can tell.

Ring- As for my part of this story, I got drunk and got into a fight with… this other guy I really don’t like. And during the fight, Heaven was taking all the damage. So me and the other guy got sent to where Hoodie and Overcoat were. The first few months went well, until the other guy went rouge and chopped me and Overcoat up into 300 cubes.

Hoodie- I, of course, was forced to collect them all and piece them together. That was the worst time of my entire millennia of existence.

Ring- As for the angel, he joined the demons. That was the last we heard of him. For all we know, he could be a janitor down in Hell.

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave- Harmonium

The reason i’ve decided to post this song is because this next week a lot of my friends will be going back to school at Washington State University. It has finally hit me that i won’t be going back to college (for now).  I've successfully achieved my degree of a Bachelors of Arts in Music at the most wonderful Seattle Pacific University where i have very close friends that mean a lot to me (that I dearly miss, i want to stress that I DEARLY MISS ALL OF YOU! especially the music majors). 

For some reason though this song brings out the beginning of my college career in me, at WSU. Maybe it’s the empty thought provoking instrumental at the beginning or the presence of the simple echo of the piano. Maybe it made me think of the questions i was trying to answer at that time; What I wanted to major in; English or Music? If Washington State was the right school for me. Maybe it was the break down at the end of the song with the lyrics “We Better Bust Them Out." So many questions unanswered and so many regrets made and not taken. My dad always told me never regret anything you do. It happens, make the best of it. I’ve tried to live up to this and I keep trying daily. Don’t give up, don’t let people hold you back, don’t live in regret, and point out the faults of your life.

I’m happy and content for now… give me a year or so… we’ll see.