aslan berkant

We're Not That Close

“Aslan Berkant! You are a dead man!”

Aslan looked up from the blade he was sharpening as Elliot approached. The young man seemed angry, though the reason escaped him. The way his friend was stalking across the barracks in his stocking feet, though, he was about to find out.

“Give them back!”

“Give what back?”

“You know what!” Elliot said in a huff. “Don’t play the fool with me. Those are my boots!” demanded the young man, pointing at Aslan’s feet. The foreigner wiggled his toes inside the soft leather shoes and grinned.

“But Elliot,” he said, “they’re so comfortable.”


a/n: prompt: “stop stealing my shoes”

Trying to write a drabble a day with KaliArren. We’ll see how it goes. 100 words almost seems like it’s too small to do any real exploration, but…. writing is writing?

The Training Snippet [2086]

Clack, clack! The training swords trembled in the hands of their wielders. The two young men backed away from each other, circling warily the way they had been taught. The boy across from him smirked through the dust and sweat that covered his face, dark brown eyes glinting with battle-fury. Sweat dripped down his own forehead, leaving a cool, tickling trail on his skin that he had to force himself to ignore. The sun was beating down inside the courtyard the squires used for training, and that put him at a disadvantage. Unlike the other knights-to-be, his skin and eyes were sensitive to prolonged exposure to daylight; already he could feel the heat baking his cheeks, his back and bare shoulders, and his eyes were stinging from more than just sweat and tears. 

The two of them circled again, Elliot watching his opponent like he would a live viper, ready to strike. Every step he took was deliberate, calculated; when his opponent moved, he moved. His attention never wavered, and neither did the other boy’s. 

Orville was his name, a terrible one by Elliot’s reasoning, and he was the top of their class; he was also the least likable. A duke’s son, and a spoiled one (if there was any other kind), and also an excellent swordsman. With his dark eyes and wavy brown hair, all the girls found him handsome and swooned whenever her smiled at them. Elliot thought his nose to be far too large; his friend, Aslan, said he was being jealous.

Maybe there was some truth to that. No one ever swooned when he smiled at them. 

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But I Don't Like Water

The water felt cool and refreshing to his aching feet. He splashed a bit, grateful for some time off, and Aslan shied away.

“Look out, Elliot!”

“Sir Elliot,”his friend corrected. Aslan scoffed.

“You’re not a knight yet,” he reminded him.

“No,” the other admitted, “but tomorrow I will be. We will be.” He kicked his feet in a moment of childish glee. “We made it, Az.”

Aslan grinned back. “Yes we did.”

“Together,” said Elliot. He paused. “Hey, Aslan?”


Elliot placed his hand on his friend’s back, and Aslan smiled. Elliot shoved.

“Better hold your breath.”


a/n: daily drabble post. I was really bored at work!! XD