She Used to be Mine (Waitress) - ASL Cover - Josh Castille and Lauren Luiz #withcaptions



the best part was that ingrid michaelson’s cute little puppy was strutting around our legs the entire time we were filming and unfortunately this is waist-up but as you’re watching it just picture a fluffy little terrier running around barking at us while we’re signing
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lOKAY! i don’t know how much this has been talked about here, but it’s something I am seriously excited about. A major problem is that it’s difficult for people to access in-person classes to learn ASL, and that many online resources are unreliable or in the form of dictionaries. Well guess what? Now there is SIGNSCHOOL! 

This is still in Beta form, created by a few students from Princeton and RIT – Deaf and hearing. While I haven’t used this myself, I have a close friend who features pretty prominently in the videos used in SignSchool and I have no doubt it is amazing.

There’s a modular curriculum, interactive exercises, learning games, a dictionary, self-assessment reviews, lectures… They went ALL OUT and it is AMAZING. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?

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SBS 60:

A question to the Hana Hana no Mi user, flower loving Robin <3. Which flower would suit each of the Straw Hats? Sister Robin can go with a flower she likes <3 by I like cosmoses

Yuriko Yamaguchi
Monkey D. Luffy: Cosmos
Roronoa Zoro: Thistle
Nami: Sunflower
Usopp: Daisy
Sanji: Delphinium
Tony Tony Chopper: Tulip
Nico Robin: Casablanca
Franky: Anemone
Brook: Rose

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Tbh it's probably pidge and hunk that know sign language

They covertly sign to each other during team meetings or training sessions. It’s little things like, “Keith’s hair is extra shinny today.” “Shiro looks very tired.” “I’m hungry.” “Do you think Coran notices he’s got some food in his mustache?” Or sometimes they have full out conversations about what’s for dinner or how to make sure the adults (aka Shiro, Allura and Coran) get enough sleep. Lance knows enough to get whats going on.