hey psa something that a lot of hearing people aren’t aware of is the use of video calling (video chatting with an interpretor while the interpretor speaks to the hearing person being called) which can often sound like a telemarketer, if you get a call saying “a person using sign language is calling you” or something like that DON’T HANG UP

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I would support you reporting them. It makes me angry when people who are in a privileged or trusted position in fandom abuse that for popularity. I once had the cliffhanger of the biggest episode of my favorite show spoiled by someone who had access to a feed airing early and released screen caps without any warning. They are violating the expectations of their access to these things and ruining it for a large portion of online fans--once they're out, it's hard to avoid them.

Exactly! I agree completely!


Wolves by One Direction sign language cover (PSE)!

Learn how to sign this song here and here.



- Wafflehouse police (Diggy-94)


The Story of ASL, by Arika Okrent for Mental Floss.  

The video above has subtitles, but if you’d rather see a history of ASL in ASL (also with subtitles), there’s also this video from CHS ASL

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ive seen a lot of 'Dex knows ASL' headcanons going around recently so i thought: dex w/ anxiety who goes non-verbal when he's too stressed or anxious. then he gets more stressed or anxious that he can't communicate because no one else knows ASL, so it just gets worse. at one point he mentions it to nursey, who decides to privately learn ASL so he can talk to dex even when hes stressed out

Yes!!!  Omigosh, I’ve been trying to think of a “Dex knows ASL” headcanon since I saw a post about it, and this is perfect!!!


Like, imagine:  Before a big game Dex is stressing.  He’ s worried he’ll lose them the game, and everyone will be disappointed, and he has an exam tomorrow, and he’s so tired, and he’s worried he’s falling behind in class because he keeps missing it for hockey and and - its all too much.  

And someone asks him if he’s okay, and he can’t talk.  He’s so nervous and anxious that it feels like his throat is closing in on itself.  And without thinking he starts signing, because he used to do that with his Nanna when he was little and this happened, and she knew ASL because her late husband was deaf.  (his whole family knows it, but he’s more comfortable with her). 

And no one understands what is going on.  And he gets more anxious and just nods at them and walks away and everyone is trying to work it out.  And he feels like he can’t breath so he goes outside and runs into Nursey.  And he does not NEED this right now, so he just walks past him.  Or tries to.  Nursey notices he looks kinda panicked, so he asks him if he’s okay, and Dex signs something to him without really thinking.  Then he realizes what he did AGAIN, and gets more embarrassed, and walks passed Nursey to get outside, and this time Nursey lets him go.

But he didn’t have to worry.  They win the game, and everyone is happy, but their all worried about Dex, especially Nursey.  They decide not to have a party that night because so many people on the team have exams the next day, so they put it off until the weekend.

And Dex’s exam goes really well.  And he finds out he isn’t falling behind in class.  And when they have the party at the Haus he’s so relieved to be over all of that, and he gets drunk.  He ends up sitting on the couch with Nursey for a while, who, surprisingly, hasn’t been drinking much tonight.  Nursey and Dex get talking, actually talking, not arguing, and Nursey asks him about before the last game, and if he was okay.  And Dex just says “Sorta, not really, that’s why I was signing”.  And Nursey’s  really surprised that Dex knows ASL and Dex can tell, so he explains that he knows it cos his Grandfather was deaf, and he started using it when he was too anxious to talk.  Nursey tells him that makes sense, and Dex laughs at him, before passing out drunk.  

And the next day, he has no memory of the conversation.  But Nursey remembers it, and does his best to start learning ASL through DVDs, online videos, and classes.

A few weeks later they have a big match.  If they win this, they could be into the Frozen Four, and Ransom and Holster have mentioned to Dex to work on his passing, so now he’s worried about the game, letting the team down, and his passing.  Before the game he’s pacing the hallway and getting more and more anxious by the second.  The team find him there and ask if he’s okay, but he can’t talk.  At all.  Without even realizing it, he starts signing to them, and suddenly embarrassed, he turns to leave.  He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to find Nursey smiling at him.  

“Could you maybe go a little slower Dex?  I can’t understand that fast!”

And Dex is so surprised!  Nursey knows ASL???  He didn’t know it last time.  Did he?  Confused, he signs “I’m stressed about the game.  What if I mess up???”.  He doesn’t really expect a response, or for Nursey to understand, so he’s surprised when Nursey shoos the rest of the team away “Chowder for realz, I got this.  Chill man”, before hugging him and saying “you won’t mess up.  You’re a really good player.  Trust me man”.

And Dex is really surprised by all of this.  So he pulls back from the hug and signs “You understand ASL?”, and is even more surprised by Nursey’s embarrassed look.  “There’s no need to be embarrassed man” Dex signs “I know it cos my Grandfather was deaf”

“Yeah, Dex you mentioned that at the party.  And you said you sign when you get nervous.  So… I ………uh……..I’m learning it……”

And Dex is so shocked, and so warmed by this that he just hugs Nursey until someone calls them for the line-up.  When he pulls away, he signs “thank you Nursey.”, before going to find his gloves and playing.


I hope you don’t mind me adding to this!  I love your headcanon so much, and I just imagined this straight away!  I hope you like it, and it fits with your idea - feel free to message me your thoughts [anon or otherwise :-) ].  And thanks for the submission!!!  :-) xxxx


Through The Dark by One Direction sign language cover (PSE)

For @tomlinscn :)