having a hardcore #tbt night and missing dwsa beyond words. this is from one of my favorite nights with one of my favorite people 💜 (PS the first picture’s a reference to the song we performed that night: @seangrandillo

Headcanon of the Day (1/24)

Author-Creature: Who (or what) do you love? Would you call it love? [x]

Theo: (interpreter: Alex) This is actually a very interesting question for me because the answer is different for me, a sign language speaker, as it might be for someone who spoke only English. If we were having this conversation solely through written text, I would be able to say, “I love (spells out L-O-V-E) Alex, John, and the fight for disability rights.” But I don’t feel comfortable signing “I love (crosses arms against chest) fighting for the cause.” It just doesn’t work for me. I sign, “I love Alex and John.” This love- (crosses arms against his chest) -is much deeper than this love (L-O-V-E).

Author: Whoa. That’s really cool.

Theo: Thank you.

d/Deaf ppl who know sign!!!

I’m learning ASL in college but I want to learn more outside of the classroom. I’m going into nursing and I want to be able to better care for deaf/hoh people since hospitals typically do not hire interpreters.

if anyone knows of good, accurate online resources for me to enhance my learning that would be great. I’ve already learned a lot just in the four or five lectures I’ve participated in but I want to learn more!!! 

homestucktrashus asked:

hello lil frond. i wanted to ask how you learned sign language. did one of the monster teach you or did you teach yourself?

hello, friend!

I already knew sign language before

when I had fallen.

sans taught me underground variations!

Lisa started frantically signing and shouting out translations. “Maggie? Bart? Where did you go? Did you run off to the Flanders house just to prank me again?” It wasn’t too often that her older brother and little sister wandered off when no one else was home. Lisa tried to hold back tears. There were so many possibilities of what could’ve happened to them, and she had no idea which one was right!

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Home by One Direction sign language cover (PSE) Thank you to everyone who suggested this song!

A brief history of the subjugation of, and violence against, deaf people in the United States

The United States has a long (and still thriving) tradition of violence and subjugation of minorities, and d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing people are no exception. On some of the physical and mental violence and oppression leveled at d/Deaf people:

1. Historically. deaf children were forcibly institutionalized and bound and beaten to prevent them from using sign language.

2. Historically, attempts were made to forcibly sterilize deaf people and prevent them from marrying.

2a. The leading anti-deaf group in the eugenics movement still exists and advocates against deaf rights today: the Alexander Graham Bell Association.

2b. You can find Bell’s detailed “eradication plan” in his lecture “Memoir Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race.”

3. Today, deaf people continue to be denied the right to education solely on the basis of their deafness:

4. Deaf people continue to be denied the right to work based solely on their deafness.

5. Deaf people are arrested without being told their rights, and jailed while denied an interpreter and pen or paper.

6. Today, deaf people are attacked and killed by the police for “failing to respond to verbal commands.” Most recently:

7. Deaf people are endangered daily in hospitals without access to sign language interpreters or mental health professionals.

8. Sometimes within hours of a deaf child’s birth, doctors inform parents their child is “broken” and can only be “cured” with CIs and preventing the use of sign language.

8a. Hearing children are encouraged to sign.

9. Doctors and tech companies knowingly inserted defective cochlear implants into the skulls of infants, children and adults (for years, for $).

10. Deaf boys are 3X and deaf girls 2X more likely to experience sexual assault than their hearing peers.
Tiredness in deaf children
You might have noticed that your deaf child gets more tired than hearing children. You’re not alone – fatigue is common in deaf children. Here we explain why this is and how you can help your child.

And people wonder why us Deaf/HOH get so tired easily? Well, this link explains it all.

Us Deaf/HOH struggle everyday to understand what hearing people are trying to communicate to us. We strain what residual hearing we (may) have. We use our eyes everyday to pick up visual cues, lipreading, and whats around us. 
There is a reason why us Deaf/HOH are mostly visual people, we rely on our eyes, not our ears to communicate. Most of a reason why many of us prefer Sign Language as a mode of communication, even using paper/pen, less of a strain to our ears/mind.

When you see us close our eyes, look at our phones, not pay attention for a brief moment, go off to get some alone time… it’s because we want our eyes/brain to relax and give it a few minutes rest to regain some or little energy to keep going intensively, again for another long period of time.

Trust me, we aren’t ignoring you or being rude. This is our daily life experience. Please respect that and be considerate.
Marlee Matlin Signs National Anthem At Super Bowl, Not That You Really Saw It
While Lady Gaga sang the national anthem Sunday night just prior to kickoff for Super Bowl 50, actress and activist Marlee Matlin signed the National Anthem for the crowd. But, strangely enough, she was barely shown by cameras. This is the third time that Matlin signed for the Super Bowl, which is
By Josephine B. Yurcaba

Lady Gaga to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

Fans are gearing up for an epic Super Bowl 50, and one more pop star will now be joining the line-up for the big game: The NFL announced on Tuesday that Lady Gaga will have the honor of singing the national anthem before kickoff, the Associated Press reported. Additionally, people with hearing impairment haven’t been left out — there will be a celebrity ASL signer.