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I'm glad you felt compelled to share it and support the deaf community as they are a very overlooked and underestimated group of people. I know deaf people who are PhDs, pastors, artist (visual) 95% of my professors, actors, professional athletes.

Of course, the deaf community as a whole are widely underrepresented. That’s why shows like Switched At Birth were such a big deal. I no longer watch the show because now it’s more focused on drama than any worthwhile topics, but it kind of revealed a different aspect of the deaf community. They’re learning and moving and working alongside us but we don’t even realize or acknowledge it. I have cousins who learned to sign in order to help with ministry in the church. And the church I used to help at paid for a asl translator as well as reserved the front row for people who were deaf so they would never have trouble seeing the interpreter.
Actions Speak Louder - On the Edge of Tomorrow
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Actions Speak Louder

Have I featured them before? Oh well. I don’t know if I did or not but you guys, I love the message of the song. There’s this when-the-beat-drops part and it made me crazy – not really like a party girl crazy but it just holds the song really good. I quoted one of their lines from this song, have you seen it? The message of their Self Discovery album is absolutely wonderful.





and then this happened…

…a reinterpreted performance by AJ Durand, better known as Trandroid the progressive entertainment bot, host of Sh*ts & Giggles doing French model, Benjamin Dukhan’s performance as The Burger Girl called Burn My V****A

This performance is rumored to be showing up again at the CHICAGO IRL release party. Exclusive footage available to digital customers. Stay tuned, more glitter blood will be spilt. 

Last night, Ryan and I did gay stuff like go to a bar and dance with gays Amanda and Christina.

Tonight we did gay stuff like watch an academy award nominated movie. (Natalie Portman deserved every bit of that Oscar.)

We’re moving on to light hearted teen comedies and comic book movies next.