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Trundle! Sometimes ah' wonder what ya'd look like if ya were a pig like me. A-Ah' kind'f wanted another pig guy walkin' round haw

The King barked a short guffaw before grinning down at the other with a snickering grin. “That’d be something, wouldn’t it?” The amused expression turned queerly curious as his head tilted ever so slightly to the side, the grin seemed to slide almost with the tilt as it turned to a toothy smirk. “I’ve always wondered why you were the only pig guy I’ve seen walking around. Always thought it was ‘cause I was in Freljord most of the time. Don’t you have family or something around here?”

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Wanna team up ta do "somethin'" we got in common sometime? *Grins*

The troll thought for a brief moment before a cruel, toothy smile pulled across his face. “Yeah.” He replied as he nodded lightly. “I’ll do that.” He adjusted Boneshiver’s place on his shoulder as he continued to smile down at the porcine wickedly. “You got anyone in mind?”

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l8r g8r

[Zhu] Heyyyyyyy Sheriff!
[Sheriff Huxley] Hello, Zhu. How can I help you?
[Zhu] Well I was wonderin if I could try some of that piltover snowdown food
[Sheriff Huxley] Zhu, you know Piltover is in the middle of rationing at the moment. 
[Zhu] So you’re sayin you don have any food at all?!?!?!?!
[Sheriff Huxley] I didn’t say that.
[Zhu] Great! I’m on my way!
[Sheriff Huxley] … we’re having roast suckling pig.
[Zhu] whut

He hears a somewhat heavy set of.. uhh footsteps? It had the same rhythm but not quite human, turning towards the source, he could see the silhouette.. definitely not human. Recon sniffs the air, as if to check if the pig man was food or something. She growls lightly at Zhu, almost licking her lips. 

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Send me “憧” for what my muse admires about yours

Trundle’s lips pressed together in a moment of thought. “You’re determined when you want to be - I saw it when you fought for my club - and when you let yourself you’re a force to stop.”

He smirked as his sentence finished followed by a pause, then the King’s expression turned solemn in concern. “Just…be..careful with that.”

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Mun’s thoughts:

I love your OC.
I love how he’s not some automatically skilled-off-the-bat character. I love how he’s messy and a headstrong, but not an idiot. I love how he’s a race based off an animal that people generally do not focus on. I love how he fights with a non-weapon. I love how you put him in fights that he may or may not be able to handle and when he can’t, you acknowledge such. I love how he’s this strange but sincerely quirky feller who does indeed have hidden potential and guts - you can see it (like when he GRABBED BONESHIVER AND FOUGHT TRUNDLE OVER IT HOLY SHIT) - but his character doesn’t revolve entirely around that potential.
You let him develop, you let him explore, you let him take challenges, and you let him make mistakes.
You let him LIVE.

I. Love. Your. OC.

And with your straight-to-the-point but sweetly detailed writing style to boot, I really wish I could find ways to engage your character more often both on this blog and my OC blog. (And that Trundle wasn’t such an ASSHOLE and would stop treating Zhu like some sort of toy <` A’>)
Not to mention you’re a sweetie-pie mun and it’s always so fun talking to you LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW ON SKYPE AS I WRITE THIS HAH HAH HAH

Muse’s thoughts:

“You always satisfy my craving for an easy victory, Pig.” The King shows a presumptuous smirk. “I like that.”

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Little thing

After his eyes fell on the passing procine, the little troll barely hesitated to dart forward and leap at his leg, colliding into it with all his little body’s weight and hugging it tight. For a second this almost appeared to be an affectionate gesture, until the little one chomped his under-developed tusks into Zhu’s leg.

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Send me a ≡ for my muse’s reaction to yours suddenly hugging them very tightly

Trundle stood there awkwardly with his arms raised, fingers curling and uncurling as his lips pressed flat awkwardly. He wasn’t sure how to respond to this in the slightest; Zhu was like a walking toy too him, but right now he didn’t see him as such…but if he showed any sort of kindness it would surely bite at least one of them hard in the rear later…

While he quietly debated on what to do, the troll continued to stand there awkwardly, letting Zhu get his fill of the hug without harming him.

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[[I would actually really like to RP as Jax, to tell you the truth. I’d probably start one if I didn’t already have so many blogs rolling!]]

[[Not to mention MR. JAXIMUS HERE IS DELIGHTFULLY GOOD and I would hate to pull any form of attention away from his blog!!]]

[[…maybe in…..IM chats though. Maybe. Or if someone slaps me with one of those “Muse Change M!As” that I sometimes see. I dunno :Y I’m down for trying him out!]]