I decided to stop posting my art online

well, yeah, I’ve been thinking about this a lot actually (I’ve been thinking about doing this for months, maybe years lol), and well, I finally decided to do it

today I was reading a post about people not crediting artists and stealing fanarts and what not and the comments in that post, they really made me feel sad… I feel so stupid, because I’m always thinking of the fandom, but people don’t really care, so, it doesn’t matter

I would love to write more and explain myself better, but it’s kinda hard for me to explain everything in english XD /fail

anyway, thanks to all of those beautiful people for always supporting me! I love you all! ♥
it was fun to share my art with you, maybe someday I’ll share more art with you again ^^

oh! of course I won’t delete anything, I’ll just stop posting new art :>
I’ll also leave askzea, sorry. It was fun to had that ask blog even if it was for such a little time, thanks for your support! ♥