ooc: cosplaying woes

So about that inactivity…
I’m sorry! I’m still alive! OTL
I’ve been working on preparing for a con this weekend… Which is in two days… Which I am going to with ask Yuanrang.
Nothing sketchy about that–just some over-looked, younger cousin bonding time.
After the con, however, I will definitely go back to being active!
I’m sorry it’s taken so long. ; A; Feel free to send your asks, they will be answered eventually (unless tumblr has eaten them)!
I’ve also thought about answering some asks in cosplay since I’ve noticed a few other blogs are doing it, but only if I get the a-okay from the better part of most of you. / o/

But I’m super excited to see that a good portion of the askblogs are becoming active again. ; w; Just thought I’d throw that in there. But yes, I will join the fray shortly.
And I will also punch and / or shove my brush down the throat of whoever’s complaining about the askblogs being OOC. If they don’t like them, then they can stop following them and leave.

Love you all!~