askcosplaycanako replied to your photo: (I shall call him… MINI WANG!) Chibi Wang looks so cute!! I have one of Canako xD I must add Chibi wang to my collection

(xD I also have a chibi Germany xD You should get the one I have he does cute Rochu things when you ask him to………)

(I wouldn’t use it to be honest– I was in Spanish class for a whole year. I don’t remember anything but numbers, a few beginning words and maybe some colors…

I’m at a University filled with a diverse group of people! More than none for sure I am no longer the token Asian anymore. But at what cost? I can’t speak Chinese, and when ever they would try to converse with me in very fast Mandarin I can’t understand. I’m fucking embarrassed that I can’t speak it when I used to… I wish my school had Chinese… I wish it had more languages. I honestly feel cheated in my high school academics–

Not only was it a mistake to say I don’t want to speak anymore but it’s harder for me to learn now… I only know basics… No conversational at all I’m self conscious about what I already know. I’d like a teacher that would just teach me because I’m willing to learn…

*falls on face* ignore my whining–)

ask-aph-femsealand replied to your photoset: (Okay sorry for taking so long to do these... ((Well ain’t you being all fancy! Do you use Bo by any chance~?))

(xD Yes I do! I didn’t want to bring it out since I already had the oar… It’s lighter than it though xD)

ask-americathehero replied to your post: ask-americathehero replied to your post: ask-americathehero said: ((well im screwed XD…. -curls up in room and cries a little)) ((not even Alfred would guard me)) GHOSTS ARE FREAKING SCARY DUDE!!! ((no help)) -flails- I dunno dude.. those tv shows are pretty convincing

Alfred believe me when I say that only the good at heart souls are allowed to visit this earthly realm. Sure there are some vindictive creatures out there but nothing we can’t handle aru! Show me that grr face!