Kreilanna hesitated for a moment before sitting next to him, looking out over the springs. “I was curious, because I’ve heard a little about Yveltal from my guardian, who happens to be a Xerneas. I didn’t think I’d meet another pokemon connected to the gods of life and death, and I think a tattoo is a much better symbol than… well…” she gestured to herself, chuckling lightly. “Than my colors.”

“W-Wait.. You’re under Xernia’s protection?” He tried not to act as surprised, but still couldn’t help but flinch a little “I didn’t expect other deities to do the same.. That means.. the book was right..” His voice trailed off a moment as he talked to himself, remembering something he read about it all “So.. You mean you were once a common Gardevoir? If you don’t mind me asking..”