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✢ (Kreilanna and Vanille? I finally caught one before you ended it. x'D)

(( Ahhh sorry about that! I usually try to keep the memes open for at least a whole day ;w; Glad you caught this one! ))

“Oh— well goodness are you fantastically colored and very beautiful— that aside, please, come inside!! It wouldn’t do if you caught a cold! I won’t allow it,” Vanille quickly ushered the black and white Gardevoir in, wrapping her in a blanket she’d snagged with a tendril, “sit here, I’ll see if I can’t get you something warm to drink!”


Zackary: I guess I should have expected someone to ask… It’s an old mark given to those protected by Yveltal itself, It’s also the source of a name given to an warrior from old times, which now belongs to me. I know it may not seem like i have a reason to bear such mark, but I sure do heh.. Erm, I’m sorry.. but i shouldn’t be speaking of that. But now i’m curious about you, no one ever asked me what it meant you see.

askkreilannathegardevoir asked:

Kreilanna stepped up to the hot springs, her eyes wide. She'd never been to one before, and the sight of the steaming water made her nervous. Spotting a pokemon off to the side she moved over to where he was as best she could, not wanting to get into the water. "Uhhm.... Excuse me? What is this place? Is the water safe at all?" Better to ask first right?

“I…. Think the water’s safe? I haven’t really been able to get into the water myself. It’s warm, but I don’t think it’d burn you. I’ve heard some others around calling it a hot spring,” Ragnarok replied, glancing over at Kreilanna. Her coloration struck him odd, but he wouldn’t be one to judge. 


Kreilanna hesitated for a moment before sitting next to him, looking out over the springs. “I was curious, because I’ve heard a little about Yveltal from my guardian, who happens to be a Xerneas. I didn’t think I’d meet another pokemon connected to the gods of life and death, and I think a tattoo is a much better symbol than… well…” she gestured to herself, chuckling lightly. “Than my colors.”

“W-Wait.. You’re under Xernia’s protection?” He tried not to act as surprised, but still couldn’t help but flinch a little “I didn’t expect other deities to do the same.. That means.. the book was right..” His voice trailed off a moment as he talked to himself, remembering something he read about it all “So.. You mean you were once a common Gardevoir? If you don’t mind me asking..”