((I didn’t forget!))

1: Age:

I lost my count around twenty… twenty seven, I guess. I believe I’m now thirty one years old…


5: Do you take drugs:

Do I look like I overdose vitamin C? That I get high after aspirin? No.

12: Relationship status:

To be honest, I don’t have many people that I know in my life. I have no idea how are those from my country. Here… Well… There’s this annoying ginger Walter, another ginger, a vampire, Carolynn. The blue one vampire I belive… Dog in a shirt. Another dog, but in dress. And weird girl who talks too much, I believe, her name was Sakura.

36: Where I would like to live:
41: Where I want to be right now:

For now, I want to go back to Poland. Even though I wanted to be somewhere without people, that one wish didn’t fulfill.

18: Most traumatic experience:

((The rest of answers will be later~))


Mod: I hope it’s enough detailed! I drew this basing on his simpler version that I usually draw but I guess I need to work a bit on his detailed version. also I can say he not always wears his pants. but no genitalia are visible then, let’s say his fur is enough bushy to cover it