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Flamel: *Knocks* Wolfchev?? Do you wanna modify a Human?? Come on let’s go and play, I never see you anymore~ Come out the door~ It’s like you’ve gone awayyyy~ We use’d to be science buddies~ and now we’re not… I wish you would tell me why?? Do you wanna modify a human?? It doesn’t have to be a Human~

Wolfchev: Go away, Flamel

Flamel: Okay Bye….


Flamel: Do you wanna modify a human, Or get some subjects round the halls~ I think some company is overdue~ I’ve started to talk to the subjects around the Labs~ Hang in there, Eremes~ It get’s a little lonely all these empty rooms, Experimenting as the hours ticks by~

*Insert burning of the labs here*


Flamel: Wolfchev… I know you’re in there… People are asking where you’ve been… They say to have courage, and I’m trying to.. I’m right here for you… just let me in…. We only have each other… It’s just you and me… What are we gonna do?? Do you wanna modify a human?

([As we all should know by now, since news spreads fast! Wolfchev’s blogowner, broke her nose! … Poor girl :( I wanted to cheer you up with some crappy doodle :“) Hope you feel better soon honey!!!])

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Happy birthday to youuuu happy birthday to youuuuuu HAPPY BIIIIRTHDAAAY WOOOLFIEEEEE!!!! happy birthday to youuuu~ *Hands out cake*

This pose might seem familiar to you, as I’ve send sketches before- I finally found that I can handle this pose so I pushed through >) Because who doesn’t want to strangle that researcher. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you have a great day, and welcome to the old people club! Feel free to grab your stick and fake teeth, and we’ll terrorize the retirement home together! (… nah not that bad yet is it?)

([Whoops, I’m a day late! This is a mistake on my part!!! I thought it was the 12th. BUT HERE IS YOUR GIFT WOLFCHEV!!!!! Happy anniversary!! You’ve done a great job at Wolfchev’s blog, and you’ve kept him in character, enough variaty between humor and serious answers! And atop of that you’ve started running the Cecil blog as well! With the exact same quality :) I’ve been following you for longer than running Trentini/Chens blogs- And I’ve always enjoyed every single answer you gave :3 So keep up the good work honey! You’re the one and only Wolfchev around! And no one can replace you!])

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