askwolfchev said:                                                                                                                            … I’ll consider additional language training for you. Just don’t pick something inane.                             


Okay, okay! Let’s see. What do we have…

This one looks pretty! It’s got Metalings of all colors on the outside! But less metal-y.

This one is so thick! It looks impressive.

Heavy, too.

Oh! Oh! Let’s do this!

Read this one to us, daddy!

[The book handed over is a pocket version and seems well-read. It’s pages contain many colored pictures of various monsters along with the text. Some dark stains are on the cover, which reads “Guide to Dangerous Creatures and Beasts of Today”]

Flamel: *Knocks* Wolfchev?? Do you wanna modify a Human?? Come on let’s go and play, I never see you anymore~ Come out the door~ It’s like you’ve gone awayyyy~ We use’d to be science buddies~ and now we’re not… I wish you would tell me why?? Do you wanna modify a human?? It doesn’t have to be a Human~

Wolfchev: Go away, Flamel

Flamel: Okay Bye….


Flamel: Do you wanna modify a human, Or get some subjects round the halls~ I think some company is overdue~ I’ve started to talk to the subjects around the Labs~ Hang in there, Eremes~ It get’s a little lonely all these empty rooms, Experimenting as the hours ticks by~

*Insert burning of the labs here*


Flamel: Wolfchev… I know you’re in there… People are asking where you’ve been… They say to have courage, and I’m trying to.. I’m right here for you… just let me in…. We only have each other… It’s just you and me… What are we gonna do?? Do you wanna modify a human?