hey guys we’re working on a lovely dramatic thing for you and this was going to be in it but I took it out to give to you guys here have it its sad baby Ivan yaaaaaay<3


haha it occurred to me I should probably explain just in case some of you never read the teaser thing.

Basically, when they were veeeeery little Ivan saved Alfred from a scary shark. And Alfred thought he was pretty cool, even though everyone in that-city-that-I-haven’t-named-its-probably-atlantis-or-something said he’s evil. So Alfred figures there’s no harm in introducing his brothers to his new friend. His brothers kind of harass Ivan a bit and freak him out though, so he accidentally hurts one or two of them. Then all the merpeople flip their shit and beat him up and kick him out. Bonus: his eels (which he rescued as hatchlings) tried to defend him, so each one had an eye removed. Ivan replaced them with his magic skills, which were very minimal at the time.
At the very end of the scene that I wrote, basically all the merfolk go back into their homes and Ivan cuddles his eels and falls asleep in the street kind of just wanting to die.

The end<3


so guys
you’ve been waiting really really patiently for more posts and that is super cool

but I’m going to be in Connecticut for the next ten days
without my tablet

but I’ll try to draw up answers as much as I can and maybe send them back to Seafoodramen to color for me~ Until then you’ll just have to put up with shitty iPhone pictures = v= I’ll get right on that tomorrow!

I hope you all are having a lovely summer~

Ahahahaha~! Now you’re the girl!

It’s funny, you look just like this girl I met on land! You’re like an exact copy! I danced with her when the Princess went off to—

…..w-wait… that was you… wasn’t it..?

You cheated! You made it so the Princess wouldn’t love me! And I was even starting to think you weren’t bad at all! But you did this on purpose!

…you cheated…