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im sorry if youve already been asked this, but is there a translation for the "naughty makoto" audio post?

Ah yes there is! 

Relax. Breathe gently. That’s right. You’re a good girl. Your mouth is burning hot. Let me see you more clearly. Show me what you’ve never let anyone else see. Show me completely. I want to see you breathing hard, with tears in your eyes and crying out. Stop hiding your face. Let me expose everything, from beginning to end. Go mad enough to lose control of yourself. You’re really turning me on now.

Hey. Show me that you’re ready. Tell me how serious you are. You could… Right… Will you die in my arms right now? Hey. Can you tell me that you love me enough to surrender everything to me?

It’s easy to say that. 


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“Pranks?” She smiled “I didn’t know Jim liked pranks, he’s more fun then I thought” she frowned “Not that I didn’t like him before! I mean…” she spotted the rackets “There they are!” She wrestled the bag free without thinking sending boxes tumbling on top of them.

[ 新しい友達?] [x5]

[音楽] – Miku was walking on her way back from a quick, evening trip to the market–she’d been in the process of making dinner but, as usual, had forgotten the most important ingredient. And, even more as usual, she went to the store for one thing and walked back with way more than she could actually carry. With arms loaded with paper bags of groceries, she could hardly see ahead of her, and it wasn’t surprising when she ended up bumping into someone else, with everything spilling onto the concrete.

“Oh, no!” she squealed. “I’m so sorry!”

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I don't understand why the Lyoko Warriors blamed you for being under X.a.n.a's control. I mean for Christ sake, Aeilita was under his control and wasn't blamed!

Not like I hadn’t noticed. Aelita is treated so fragile you’d think she’d come with a warning label. But apparently, when weak baby pinkhead gets hit, even when she KNEW what that thing was capable of, it’s not her fault! But when the new guy, unwarned, under-informed, and untrained gets hit, it’s like Einstein’s brain shuts down and reboots so that his entire frontal lobe pins me down with conspiracy theories.

You know what the biggest problem is here though?


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i worked at wdw when bh6 came out and the frozen craze was still going honestly i think it was bad timing because frozen hadnt faded yet and overshadowed bh6 from a disney company/disney fan perspective

i think the fact that the frozen craze managed to still stay alive 1-2 years later even during another disney movie out in the theaters is pretty….well…….i dont know………should i say impressive or down right annoying? 

honestly i would waste like 30 dollars on merch with tadashi’s deceased ass on it but theres nothing even out there of the main characters themselves 


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my family is also from a former communist country and my parents grew up under it and they scoff at anyone who idealizes it, my mothers dad was in good with Tito and i dont think they had any disappearances, but it still disgusted her, and the breakup of yugoslavia and the awful war they had to endure, and how those countries are still not recovered, sarajevo still looks just as it did 20 years ago, shattered and broken, communism is not ideal to me anymore

it really shouldnt be ideal to anyone anymore but here we are in the year 2014 and there are 14 year olds on the internet who are communists