Not Hiring: Part 13

The story thus far: Whitney attempts to help out with household finances by getting a waitress-ing job at Ciel’s workplace. There, an assault by a worker leads to a cut in her android skin, allowing water to short out her circuitry. In desperation, Ciel calls upon the only one who can help, and ends up back in a place he never wanted to see again. Aperture Science Laboratories.

Guavi and Reboot go eat cake in Washington with Yunyin

So we went to the bakery in Redmond where Valve found the original cake they then modeled for Portal.

And we brought these guys along with us.

Tsun GLaDOS is tsun, excite Whitney is excite. I guess Wheatie is excite too. And VLaDOS…is VLaDOS.

Whitney is not a fan of the rest of the party.

Neither is she a fan of getting eaten.


“I-It’s not like I baked it for you or anything.”

Wheatie approves of the carnage.

Seriously, it was the most delicious cake.

RM did not get any cake. RM is sad.