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Scylliss ( 8D )



This. Was supposed to be done. MONTHS AGO. Life and “time sensitive” asks pissed all over it, but here we go. FINALLY. I probably forgot something but whatever man. Long overdue. Clickthrough for the DeviantArt page for something readable, because as always, tumblr hates me. 

EDIT: I suppose you could use this link, too. ))

madame-s replied to your post: All this talk of highfiving kennen makes me want…

+1 I approve of this idea. You should approach askwarwick him for some RPeez, we’re currently working on one together atm BECAUSE HE PITIES ME I FEEL SO ALONE AND OUTCAST abloobloo(actually he’s helping with a little project involving JoJ stuff 8D;)

ME? APPROACH SOMEONE? I am waaaay to shy for that~ QuQ

SHIT I’LL RP WITH YOU TOOOOO~ but like I said I’m not good at asking especially because you are amazing and I doubt myself and everything vfbvhkdfbh /screams

But I really would like to talk to him more often and stuff. ;w;

dayum I’m like the complete opposite of singed when it comes to my actual personality

anonymous asked:

Magic Anon here! For the next 48 hours, you are a maid in the proper clothing!! What do you look like and who is your master??

It appears I have been bound to the Blood Hunter for 48 hours. How convenient - perhaps he can help me sniff you out so I can bludgeon you to death.

( random champion button = successful! )


Mhhh? As a child? That was quite some time ago, mrhrhr…

Studious, naturally. Ever curious as I recall, with a fondness for building functional mechanical creatures and mixing chemicals… hrhrhr. One might say I didn’t change much as I matured.

What made me become a killer, you ask? Why, we can thank our hoofed blue-skinned Starchild for that, can’t we?

After all, before her emotional intervention, I was merely a scientist with a military commission. Mrhrhr.

[Edit: Human Warwick Design is, as always, credit to Madame Summoner Scylliss ]]