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Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but in Summoner's Rift, Singed is taller than you. However in images of you such as at the beach, you're much taller than he is. Is there any particular reason for this? Maybe Singed is out to give himself that extra edge during fights at the Summoner's Rift...

Allow me to demonstrate this strange phenomena.


What you and other Summoners see through that orb of yours:

I surmise it has something to do with some being too small to see properly from your, ermh… perspective. Surely you don’t think Cho’gath is as small as he looks on the field, mm? Hrrhrhr.


Mhhh? As a child? That was quite some time ago, mrhrhr…

Studious, naturally. Ever curious as I recall, with a fondness for building functional mechanical creatures and mixing chemicals… hrhrhr. One might say I didn’t change much as I matured.

What made me become a killer, you ask? Why, we can thank our hoofed blue-skinned Starchild for that, can’t we?

After all, before her emotional intervention, I was merely a scientist with a military commission. Mrhrhr.

[Edit: Human Warwick Design is, as always, credit to Madame Summoner Scylliss ]]

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Magic Anon here! For the next 48 hours, you are a maid in the proper clothing!! What do you look like and who is your master??

It appears I have been bound to the Blood Hunter for 48 hours. How convenient - perhaps he can help me sniff you out so I can bludgeon you to death.

( random champion button = successful! )

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