Stream is over - drew 5 ponies in 2 and a half hours. Phew!

So. GIFTIES. I didn’t get to ALL of the ponies I wanted to draw, but at least I got some of em. It’s midnight now and I don’t like to stay up too late past it (I know I’m such a wimp)

Each pony is to their respectable tumblr. I hope they see them and like them!

Edit: Can’t believe I forgot to link them..

Do you guys think Master would like coming home to this? 

I went poking around town, wondering what new ponies I would meet there, and ran into The Crop. 

I didn’t have quite enough for it, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it on.. 

((Just a quick little break from my responses, and I just LOVE Velvet

I’m going out to dinner, so come on ponies, flood that inbox for me! <3)) 

Recommendation 01/07/2013

“Ask Velvet”


Description: ” Welcome to The Crop. This place can be very busy at times, but I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have. “

Blog Rating: NSFW

The main character for this blog is adorable. The art is well done, and the designs are pretty! I have gotten a good giggle from a few of the pages, and I generally enjoy the fun feeling of the whole blog. The dialogue is easy to read, and I’m just pleased with the blog overall. :) Happy to recommend it to anyone who is into this niche.