”My Diamond”

When I finally saw Steven Universes “Beta” I felt really bad for Jasper, especially when she said “Because of what you did to My Diamond! My Diamond! Your Diamond! Pink Diamond!!” and It sorta closed some theories but also opened up some new ones, but it mostly made me feel pretty sad for Jasper.

I mean what if she was also mad at her self that she couldn’t protect her Diamond, what if she thinks if she defeats Rose now Steven, that she MIGHT feel better about herself and that she could gain retribution for what she couldn’t do, since she was made as the perfect Quartz and she couldn’t protect the one she was made for.

You throw very fun parties Curious and I hope to come to more in the future, and remember if you need any help I’ll be happy to help. -Vee

(Just alil reponse to this, Vee had a fun time, but when she got home and relised what she did she froze up abit and was blushing a deep red, until Harro took her to her room. So in any case Vee over heard what Curious said about personal companion and she just wanted to comfort him in a way. and yes I used marker on this picture I have been hving fun with my markers latly and colored pencils so I might do some updates in either one so maybe until I get some questions then maybe. -Mod)

Hey everyone~ soooo I finally mad an Art blog,, where I’ll be posting pictures of my characters outside of my pony blog, plus I’ll be reblogging and possibly posting NSFW stuff to it including some of the NSFW pony stuff, so if you want to follow that, you can follow here (X)

It’s going to be abit empty until I reblog some stuff. So I hope you guys will enjoy it until then.