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I hate when people start hating on something that’s happened for a long time, and think it’s ok to hate on someone for their art, and their ship, Oc or not, those who are on anon and think they can hate got no right to say anything, your art is awesome, your ships are adorable~ Keep on with what you love~

Ahh thank you so much. Those words mean a lot ^^

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Oh my gosh!~ Um, Hi, I'm Vee and I'm so excited you love the Many Cups picture, the one on my Vee's art blog~ Your Bounty Bros comic is so amazing and Cups with his brother is so adorable!!~ everytime I see your work it makes my day!~ I hope you feel better soon and again I'm so happy to have made you happy~ >//w//<

[ Ah hiya Vee! Thank you so much once again! Can’t tell ya how happy stuff like that makes me!! Glad you like bounty bros too (coughsorryformyslownesscough)! I am feeling much better by the way and am ready to get crackin on that blog finally! Aaa I’m rambling but thank you so much for the smile and I hope you have a good night/day!!! ]

-Mod Sheepy