I don’t normally show a meme WIP (that and I don’T do them often) but I finished the PnF pics for the music meme I’m doing and since it’ll take a bit to finish the rest (the others are OCs) I wanted to post these dudes.

Two first ones are fanfic spoilers. Well, so are the other two but I’m not sure yet if they will be stories that will be posted. They will be themes in the Ask blog tho! 8D

This artist’s Phineas and Ferb fan babies are so cute, I had to draw them. Plus grandpa Doof would be absolutely precious.


“That stupid Von Roddenstein kid won’t shut his stupid face about how his grandpa was more evil than mine ever was.”

“What?! That’s preposterous! Rodney wishes he’d been more evil than me!”



“It could be an evil tea party.”


“I know it’s not, Perry the platypus– can’t you let me save even just a liiiittle bit of face here?”