I should have my own advice meme.

It would be called “Needlessly Anxious Askblog Artist”.

And the first one would read:

“Finally work up courage to ask idol for skype, never message them”


“Have 1000 followers, not sure if good askblogger or art is just cute”

“Make friends with customer, never let them pay for commission”

“Want to show idol your work, too nervous to hit them up yourself”

I should probably post this on both blogs.

Hey, guys! I’ll be attending Katsucon this Sunday with the delightful mediokrek, roleplayer of Marnix Kharon and one of the artists/writers of the popular SGRUP RP TEAM PARADOX! We’ll be hangin’ out as M!Vriska and Tavros/askToreador, and we’ll be at the Homestuck Meet-Up at noon EST! Catch us there if you’re going and I’ll give you a high-five (or as high a five as I can manage from my wheelchair, if I don’t ifnish my robolegs in the next three days)!