As far as things went in the land of Aaa, it was shaping up to be a pretty average day for the human adventurer. Making her way through the candy forest on a trip to visit the Prince, she paused suddenly. Wait.. what the heck was that? 
Holy crud, something was shaking up the ground like crazy! Confused, she quickly shoved her way through the bushes, looking for the source of the noise. She peered over curiously into a clearing to see a pretty young looking girl with her arms folded, she seemed frustrated about something.

“Hey!” Fionna waved, “Uh, sorry- d'ya know what’s up with all these earthquakes?”

Taang: Our Teenage Years

It had been four years after Sozin’s Comet and thankfully, all seemed to had blown over at this point. But of course, the Avatar’s job was far from done. He had to rebuild the nations and restore order to a world stricken by a hundred years of war. It was truly a lot of pressure. But, whenever pressure got to too much, he knew he could always come to Toph for some fun. He knocked on the door to the Bei Fong residence and waited for her to open up.