Finally did it and unfortunately it’s only 8 cus the other 2 person, I can’t actually found a reference of a character :3

Blogs Included :- - I did Rarity cus your April Fool blog was rarara xD - Somehow, I did a tiny little Eris xD - Rare puts on contact lenses trying to act like the character :3 - I hope the character was right :3 - I’m not sure about the mane cus you’re reference are not complete. - Rarity manage to convince Celestia to play video game with her :3

That’s it! Thank you so much for 50+ followers but now 75 followers!

And unfortunately I don’t have any pose idea for Rare :3


Where should I adventure?

Choices :

Everfree Forest - Camping

Manehattan - Be generous to everypony ( again )

Crystal Empire - Hang out with Princess Cadence and Shining Armor

Canterlot Castle - Seek for task from the two sister

Others ( what? )

Can you guys help?


Oh man..

Nooo I forgot the nose piercings on the first panel and the horn piercings in all panels!! :[ . I’m sick.

I’m back!

Man.. I’m tired.. and the next post will be some of my adoptable example cus I have not decided what to do yet :3

omg omg omg

Goddamit forget her piercings again.

Thankies! What should I do to celebrate this?


Group Picture?

Pony adoptable Raffle? (wat. I can show you my adoptable example if you want :3)


Leave an answer :3

Well.. Okay den..