Oh yeah.. Well for Dave it kind of went like
Every time it was chow time he’d get all excited and shit (cute little shit) and once when he saw I was gettin him a cup of AJ he went and yelled “YO!” So that’s like his fuckin first word I guess, Dirks went a little somethin like “cool” and then “ranch” a few minutes later
So yeah my little men are totally dope at choosing their first words.


For Dave it was rough he didn’t Wana fucking let go of me, it was like he super glued his lil self to me, y'all don’t even know this lil dude can be super strong when he needsta be.
And Dirk.. Uh.. He really started liking ponies after his first day..

(Btw I enrolled them in a pretty special elementary school that costs a fucking arm and a leg but its worth it)
(And yes that is a smuppet back pack I made that shit myself)