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1. The last song you listened to? 

One Republic - Secrets (Violin Cover-Andres Bryson)

2. If you could switch bodies with a celebrity for a day. Who would it be, and why? 

I have no flipping idea who it would be…..why would I want to switch bodies with someone?

3. The world is attacked by aliens! Your favorite celebrity, the last person you reblogged and a person of your choice has to fight them. Who is on your team?

Favourite celebrity (at the top of my head) David Tennet, thelittlebirdsnest and….batman 8D (maybe not best choice but he is awesome) or Ironman =3

4. Ever been in Love?

er…I dunno….

5. Favorite movie? 

I don’t bloody know XD I like to many to pick XD but at the top of my head Hellboy,ironman and Batman 8D

6. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? 

I really dunno on this XD…..I can’t see myself with any other name….

7. Favorite show as a kid? 

Pokemon XD;;;

8. Whose your OTP? 

Does this count for peoples ocs as well? lol





EctorxBrine (characters belong to Thejokerscards on da and askthismaicake on here)

Fox/askthismaicakexTeres <3 (she will kill me XD)

SakauraxSyaoran Li 


SweetiexSebastian (characters belong to shypencil on Da and shypencil-sweetie on here)

KarlxTelokaxClimber (they are so adorable together, plus they are together so 83)

that’s a few of them….or all of them XD

9. Any weird habits?

I dunno….what I smy weird habit…..talking to myself? XD

10. Do you have any siblings? 

Yes, I have an brother and sister

11. Your opinion on me? 

You are my friend ^^ such a sweet heart and very giving person ^^ who is quite funny XD and crazy lol

I guess I have to tag someone now XD;

thelittlebirdsnest and fireborn-riddler

(I’m meant to make new questions but I really can’t think of any questions right now XD so just go with the questions I had to do)