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1. Do you have any annoying habits? Or, does someone else’s habit annoy you?

((I do have a tendency of putting letters in the wrong words [e.g. sishy fituation] and when I do that, I always say “sorry” and start slapping/punching my mouth. Maybe it’s because I try to say too much in a short amount of time.))

2. Do ya play any sports or play any instruments?

((I play any sport, really. Just as long as the people I play with have good sportsmanship. For instruments? TROMBONIN’ LIKE THE BOSS I AM AHAHAHAHAHAHA))

3. Do you send Valentine’s gifts to your friends?

((If I had all the time in the world, I’d send a Valentine’s gift to everyone in the world. But for the moment I just give cards or something like that and say “Happy Valentine’s Day” when I really mean “I love you a lot friend come here and hug me so I can show you just how much that love goes”))

4. OTPs?? (i just wanna know, ok?)

[plus a little bit of the dhmis OTP but eh]))

5. Top 5 books (ok now thats just cliche)

((It’s not cliche’d, don’t worry. But I can’t choose a top five because when I think about it, the least I can do is a middle thousand))

6. Do you enjoy school?

((Pssshhht naw…..actually, I only enjoy school because of the people, not because of the work. Extra-curricular activities don’t count as work in my opinion.))

7. Do you procrastinate or get stuff done early?

((Procrastinate? I don’t procrastinate. I lay back and do almost nothing.))

8. What are your feelings towards gummy bears?


9. Favorite fandom

((I gotta say Minecraft on that one. Can never let it go. [although for a while, Doctor Who and Portal were my favorite fandoms]))

10. Have you ever abandoned a book w/out finishing?


11. Who’s you biggest tumblr fan?

((At the moment? lavakittens X3))


1. What kind of blog do you run? Are you proud of it? (you should be)

2. How would you react if a stranger suddenly up and hugged you?

3. Who do you love better? Everyone or no one?

4. Say you were stranded on an island with a book at your side. What book would you like that to be?

5. How strict are you with your grammar and spelling?

6. If you met an online friend in real-life, how would you react? Do you think it’d feel really awkward?

7. Favorite hobbies?

8. Any old stories that you tried to write? (And if that’s too personal, then you can say a childhood story that you read and liked.)

9. How secretive are you?

10. The world is ending, in ice or fire?

11. On a scale from 1-15, how much do you love your followers? (Or even the rest of Tumblr?)

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to dry water from one’s fur? It’s hard as shit. Since this body is that of a cat, I can land on my feet and not take damage, either, so it’s not necessary to break my fall. The only thing water’s good for in my book is producing delicious fish, which I can pick from any oblivious crafter’s pocket without needing to get wet anyway. And squids are a pain in the ass, they try to grab me with their putrid tentacles to drag me down. I usually have to cut them open before I can surface again, and then I have to bathe and dry myself off.”